A comprehensive guide to evergreen content

Evergreen long-form content is helpful for growing your business’s online reach due to its permanent nature. It enables you to establish a strong foundation of consistently relevant web pages for your business. With this basis, it becomes easier to build on top of that content in order to expand your company’s outreach and present to search engines a website that boasts both quantity and quality.

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What is the difference between time-sensitive and evergreen content?

When you’re writing content for a website or blog, it’s important to know the difference between evergreen and time-sensitive content. Like with keywords, some content can be useful only for a specific amount of time. Typically, this sort of information relates to news or trends. For example, you might be writing to advertise an upcoming networking event or a sale on your products or services.

For example, this blog post called Looking to the Future: Members of Team Embryo Give Their 2024 Marketing Predictions, would be time-sensitive because at the end of 2024, it will no longer be temporally accurate – and now, thanks to the inclusion of the future tense and 2024 as a time marker, neither will this article.

Evergreen content, by contrast, will remain relevant and valuable both to your potential customers and to the foundations of your company’s online visibility. This might include things like well-written, comprehensive guides (like this one), listicles, resource lists, and information pages about your company’s products and services.

An example of consistently relevant Embryo content could be What are ‘Impressions’ on Pinterest? The key metrics explained, or Six reasons for cart abandonment and how to reduce it. In two weeks, months, or even years, the information in these articles will be as relevant and factually accurate as the day it was written.

However, it’s important to keep this page updated with progressions and developments in order to maintain maximum SEO and present the most compelling version of your company to online browsers.

Evergreen content is also a great way of demonstrating your company’s authority on a certain topic by presenting it with unerring and infinite certainty as a place for people to return to again and again.

Some common evergreen formats might include:

  • Listicles – this is a good way of organising information under a certain topic that can help you build SEO advantageous topic clusters in an easy-to-read format.
  • How-to content/Guides – like this one, are handy pages to have on your website to provide accessible information about how to use certain elements of your company in order to help customers engage with your content.
  • Product Reviews – reviews are a good way of advertising products or services and providing expert or consumer testimonials to provide an authentic user experience.
  • Glossaries – especially in marketing, glossaries can be a useful way of making certain terminology commonly used in relation to your brand accessible to your customers.
  • Expert interviews – this content helps to demonstrate authority and expertise on your chosen topic by providing a trustworthy source who can provide factual information as well as a human element to your marketing strategy
  • Case studies – similar to reviews, case studies show your audience that your products and services have been tried and tested. They help boost the empirical value of your content in order to attract a confident customer base.
  • FAQ pages – these are a great and simple way of showing any potential customers what your company is about, and quickly answering any questions they may have. If customers can find the answers to their questions efficiently and without having to leave your website, they’re more likely to be interested in your company.

How can evergreen content benefit your SEO?

Because evergreen content won’t go out of date, these web pages are more likely to be shared. This will, in turn, generate more backlinks to your site. As well as keyword rankings and high-quality content, backlinks are one of the most impactful things you can include to boost your website’s SEO and attract more organic traffic.

When considering which evergreen topics to write about, it’s important that you have a comprehensive understanding of which keywords lead to higher rankings for your website, and how this in turn encourages a higher CTR (click-through rate) from your website’s meta description.

You can check which keywords generate the highest search volume through third-party keyword researchers, such as Semrush or WordStream. From here, it’s about incorporating those keywords into high-quality evergreen copy for search engines in a tone that sounds natural and authoritative.

Remember, in order for your content to be successful, it’s worth remembering the acronym E-E-A-T (experience, expertise, authority, trust). By keeping all of these factors in mind, you minimise the likelihood of shoehorning in keywords just for the sake of it by prioritising the actual content and tailoring it to the needs and preferences of web browsers to turn them into loyal customers.

How to write evergreen content

To write successful, timeless evergreen content, you should try to avoid including specific years or references to temporary circumstances that are likely to change or be updated shortly. While some time-sensitive articles might have a longer shelf-life than others, ultimately it’s the evergreen content that will keep people coming back to the same source for trustworthy, accurate, and expertly conveyed information.

Think of it like visiting your favourite restaurant. If every time you go the food is good and reliably similar to what is on the menu, you’re more likely to go back. Whereas if you go to order from the menu, only to be told that they don’t serve those dishes anymore, you’ll be left at best slightly disappointed and at worst, hungry.

Often (but not always), evergreen articles tend to be longer and more in-depth than news updates or year-specific stats lists. By going in-depth to a certain topic, you’ll position yourself as more authoritative, and therefore more likely to be used as a point of reference via backlinks.

However, linking works the other way too. In order to demonstrate your own expertise, make sure you’re presenting well-researched and well-written information, and back it up with outbound links to show that you’ve engaged with other authorities on the topic.

Examples of Evergreen content at Embryo:

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Enjoy evergreen success with Embryo

The truth is that as well as evergreen content, your brand needs a wide range of copy to satisfy those all-important KPIs – from social media captions to snappy landing page copy. To learn more about how we can help facilitate that, contact us today.

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