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The world of PPC is rife with competition. That’s why you need a Google Ads agency that can keep pace, save face, and help clients come first place.

At Embryo, our reputation is in creating smarter and sharper strategies, driven by data that’s hiding under the radar.

Why? Because we see what others don’t. 

Our award-winning PPC team uses exclusive tools – developed in-house – to enhance existing Google Ads build-outs or create powerful new ones. We also take the time to look at the bigger picture, such as business data, KPIs, and rolling goals to spot opportunities that would’ve gone missed.

With Google Ads, you get trackable metrics with measurable results, so there’s no smoke and mirrors from us. Thanks to high-level account activity data driven by the best brains in the business, you can see why we get glowing reviews from businesses across multiple sectors.

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Embryo: The Innovative Google Ads Marketing Agency

  • Over £2 million monthly ad spend managed through 2023 (and rising)
  • Access exclusive Embryo-owned tools and innovations to drive performance and Google Ads
  • Clients scale spend and performance over 50% on average

Burgess Pet Care

Burgess Pet Care

  • statistics arrow 30.3

    ROAS from paid social

  • statistics arrow 440%

    Increase in online transactions

  • statistics arrow 346%

    Increase in revenue

What Is Google Ads, and How Does It Work?

Known as Google AdWords until 2018, Google Ads is one of the most important products to understand when managing PPC campaigns.

Putting your businesses at the top of those searches is the bread and butter of Google Ads marketing agencies like Embryo.

Google Ads is used by businesses to advertise their products and services when people search for a range of applicable keywords. The way it usually works is that a specific keyword is selected for targeting, with different marketers bidding on this keyword against each other.

Each bidder puts forward a maximum bid – if your bid matches up with the amount Google attributes to your cost per click, then the ad placement becomes yours. However, if your bid is too low, you won’t get the ad placement.

Outside of bidding for ad placement and the more immediate wins a successful Google Ads campaign will bring, we also recommend fine-tuning your SEO strategy for longer-term ranking success.

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Let’s Get into the Good Stuff…

What Are the Key Benefits of a Google Ads Agency?

  • Custom Planning

    We create Google Ads plans tailored to meet your businesses’ goals while optimising your budget and delivering measurable results.

  • Keyword Research and Optimisation

    We carry out thorough keyword research to ensure your ads are optimised – landing in front of users searching for your products or services.

The Embryo Touch

With so many Google Ads agencies out there, it can be hard to know where to start. At Embryo, we stand out thanks to a fantastic, results-led approach that has never failed us.

As a Google Ads Marketing agency, we also offer a huge range of digital marketing services. Simply get in touch, and we can get the ball rolling with a complete online marketing strategy that gets your business seen and shopped at.

Here’s how we will set up your Google Ads:

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Our Process:

Initial Consultation

  • First, we start with a detailed PPC consultation to fully understand your business goals and target audience. With our ‘big picture’ approach, we also look at wider industry activity and your USPs to give you the best start.

Campaign Setup

  • Then, our team carries out the strategic campaign setup, including keyword selection, ad creation, and audience targeting as part of our powerful short-term strategy.

Continuous Optimisation

  • The work doesn’t stop there. Your Google Ads are constantly monitored and optimised throughout, helping to maximise the performance of your campaigns and adapt to changing market trends.
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Why Our Clients Choose Us as Their Google Ads Agency

Over £2 million monthly ad spend managed through 2023 (and rising)

We aren’t happy with top-line data. Instead, our team of experts uses innovative tools and techniques to delve deeper and find out more about our clients’ unique search markets.

That means you get detailed reporting on all campaigns to ensure a profitable return on investment, with success in lead generation and conversion across the board.

Just a few examples of our industries include:

  • Direct to consumer (D2C) lead generation
  • eCommerce, including fashion and home & garden
  • B2B businesses, including finance and technology
  • SaaS companies
  • Automotive
  • And much more!

But we’re not done yet. We’re always interested in supporting new clients and maximising their profitability.

To see our award-winning strategies in action, check out our case studies.

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The team at Embryo is a joy to work with. They understand what we want to achieve as a business, their level of service is excellent, and they are constantly analysing metrics and data to ensure that together we overachieve in the performance of campaigns. They have become a natural extension of my marketing department and I look forward to what the future brings.

Dan Walmsley, The Insurance Octopus