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In search of PPC consultants with 4 awards, 30+ years of combined experience and industry-leading software? You’ve found the right team.

Want to gain instant traffic to your website?

Struggling to generate quality leads?

Online sales not performing as they should?

Are competitors dominating the search results?

PPC advertising is an effective solution to all of the above. Approaching campaigns the right way to get performance, however, requires specialist consultancy.

We’re Manchester’s leading PPC management agency, and we’re ready to get you impressive results.

Over 40,000 searches are carried out on Google every second. We’ll get your brand at the forefront. 

Members of the Embryo PPC team

Why Choose Embryo as Your Go-to PPC Consultant?

  • On average, our clients have scaled spend and performance by over 50%
  • Clients such as The Range, Roland DG, Downtown, and Native Residential have increased their return on investment with Embryo
  • Proactive management is our priority – we’ll adapt, scale and adjust based on performance and goals
  • Collaboration with our in-house Creative team and content writers enhances our campaigns
  • Embryo’s innovations mean our data insights and ideas are unlike any other agency
  • We make data-lead decisions from various analytical tools, optimising for better performance
  • Thanks to our unique data digging, we’ll provide a holistic marketing strategy, telling you where your potential customers are and how best to target them
  • Your dedicated PPC consultant will pay attention to the smallest details and go above and beyond to increase your ROI

PPC Consultancy Services for Lead Generation and eCommerce

With a diverse client base across the UK, eCommerce and lead generation are where we truly excel. Whether you’re looking to expedite product sales, speed up the growth of your lead database or drive traffic to a new landing page, we know how to handle each goal the right way.

From initial account auditing to reporting, you’ll benefit from proactive PPC consultancy, regular contact and industry-leading talent. We discover and capitalise on new opportunities for your business because your success is our success.

Ready to increase your profits? Let’s talk.

  • google local ads

    Google Ads Management Support

    Are your Google Ads campaigns failing to bring in results?

    We’ll spot areas to improve and enhance your campaigns. Your PPC consultant will audit your account, identifying growth opportunities, as well as advising any current shortcomings within your account.

    They will conduct keyword research to identify any missing high conversion rate terms, ensure the messaging and ads align with your goals and maximise your potential performance. This is all included with ongoing management.

    In response to the performance, we refine your campaign, getting your ads seen by the right people. The result? A significant increase in clicks, impressions and sales. Most importantly, your budget will be handled tactfully, getting results without wasting money.

  • red website performance icon

    Performance Max

    We’re always one step ahead of industry innovations – Performance Max (PMax) being just one of the areas in which we excel.

    Unlike traditional Google Shopping, PMax automates campaign targeting and delivery based on the information we feed it.

    But, how does Embryo use PMax differently? This software lacks transparency in budget allocation across networks, and we know how to best navigate it.

    Using third-party scripts, we unlock the data to understand Google’s spending allocation within each network (Search, Display, Gmail, etc.). We then utilise third-party tools to assess individual product performance against targets, pushing Google to invest in the highest Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) products.

    In truth, Google is lazy – without Embryo’s innovations, they have free reign to invest in lower intent channels via PMax and continue to display products that perform below your targets. The opposite of what you want.

    With Embryo’s indexing tools, we can take back control and force your advertising spend to the products that are performing and bringing in money.

  • technical SEO audit

    Account Audits

    Are you targeting ineffective keywords? Are your current PPC efforts paying off? Our paid consultants will audit your current PPC campaigns to identify ways to optimise ROI.

    It can be really easy to miss opportunities and find time to inspect data, which is when a PPC consultant comes in handy. We carry out audits to spot mistakes and provide advice on future campaigns.

    We’ll look at how various angles are performing, including your ad copy, targeting efforts, Quality Scores and click-through rates. When you turn to Embryo for an account audit, you’ll gain the insight you need to build a solid PPC strategy.

  • Marketing Automation


    Bring paying customers back to your website with the help of our PPC team.

    We can help to generate quality leads and improve conversion rates through remarketing campaigns. As a data-driven agency, we use Google Analytics to find potential customers who have already expressed interest, understand their online journey and expose them to your brand at the right time.

    We’ll identify key user groups, track their journey online and effectively engage with these audiences through optimised campaigns.

    From dynamic retargeting to display remarketing, the goals remain the same: brand exposure and higher conversion rates.

  • Teal creative icon

    Creative and Copy for Your Landing Pages

    The quality of your content and the messaging you choose to display have a significant impact on performance. Working with our PPC experts and talented copywriters, we’ll craft compelling ad copy, testing what works and what doesn’t for optimal performance.

    To further improve your paid campaigns, we can create bespoke landing pages. Our tried-and-tested landing page formulas are tailored to your brand, goals and campaign type. By utilising our in-house Creative team, we can produce imagery, responsive designs, forms and video content at your request.

    Interested? Come talk to us about our bespoke landing page packages. 

  • purple artboard icon

    Conversion Tracking

    By choosing us, you’ll access comprehensive reporting dashboards to truly understand campaign performance. This data provides actionable insights to allow future optimisations and campaign improvements.

    Our dedicated analytics consultants will audit your tracking set-up to ensure we’re tracking the most important metrics correctly, month on month.

    To build the correct foundations for growth and longevity, accurate tracking is vital – especially with Google’s cookie deprecation in 2024, otherwise coined the death of the third-party cookie.

    Embryo’s Approach to Tracking

    Here at Embryo, we use enhanced GTAG tracking alongside consent mode. This ensures that we retain as much tracking as possible – tricky, for sure, with the continuous increases in data security

    Why does this data matter? It allows us to:

    • Allocate the budget correctly by understanding which keyword terms and ads work best
    • Continue data tracking as cookie policies increase in data security
    • Maximise ROI by removing the guesswork and making data-lead decisions
    • Optimise our bidding strategies for better performance

The PPC Consultancy Process: What Can You Expect from Us?

  • Audit & Analysis
    • Evaluate existing accounts to identify quick wins, missed opportunities and future scaling potential.
    • Highlight areas for improvement and optimisation techniques.
    • Utilise our expertise and innovation to hone in on data for strategic decision-making.
  • Competitor & Market Research
    • Spend time researching your industry to benchmark existing performance against competitors.
    • Identify potential yield within your industry for strategic advantage.
  • Kick-Off Call
    • Initiate a face-to-face meeting or call to gain business insight, understand deliverables and establish targets.
    • Set expectations, discuss budgets and answer any questions you might have.
  • Rebuilding Your Accounts
    • Rebuild accounts using Embryo’s tried-and-tested best practices.
    • Create a solid foundation for sustained growth and scalability.
  • Short-Term Timeline & Strategy
    • Develop and deliver a short-term growth strategy so you always know what to expect from us.
    • Deliver data insights to explain our strategy going forward.
  • Performance Snapshots
    • Provide weekly performance snapshots for real-time monitoring.
    • Deliver comprehensive monthly reports for a detailed overview of progress.
  • Long-Term Strategy
    • Work towards a long-term strategy for account scaling and budget growth.
    • Focus on substantial improvement in KPIs and targets through proactive innovation and new ideas.
  • Adapt and Overcome
    • It’s important to remain agile and responsive to immediate changes. We’re always ready to refocus our efforts to align with business priorities.
    • Make changes to ad copy or provide advice regarding new campaigns.
    • Reallocate the budget where necessary to maintain performance and meet your financial goals.
  • Innovation and Improvement
    • Integrate new ideas and proactive innovation for continuous improvement.
    • Ensure the account evolves in line with long-term objectives.
we excel at PPC. Liverpool and Manchester businesses can benefit from our campaigns.

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At Embryo, exceptional client service is at the core of everything we do. When you turn to us for PPC consultancy or any other advice, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back.

Send us an email or call us today for more information about our PPC services. We look forward to making a difference.

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