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Using a modern, multi-channel marketing strategy to transform a business into an authority in an emerging market


Who is BCB Group?

Working in the ever-expanding digital asset economy, BCB Group is one of Europe’s leading crypto businesses. They provide accounts and payment processing for some of the pillars of this industry including Coinbase, Bitstamp, and BitPay. BCB Group helps these giant crypto businesses trade digital currencies quickly, and at scale.

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The Brief

Expand the Online Visibility of BCB Group and Ensure They Are Seen As Authorities In the Crypto Space

BCB Group had cemented themselves in the crypto industry and was already very well known for their ability to offer reliable, rapid payment services in an increasingly volatile market.

They came to Embryo to build on this reputation and grow their online presence both organically and through paid campaigns. BCB Group wanted to leverage the benefits of organic search engine optimisation (SEO) so that they could be found on page one of Google for keywords that would bring them more business.

Additionally, BCB understood the need to leverage a paid social campaign to not only grow their brand’s notoriety but also retarget those who have, through previous web activity, displayed an interest in BCB’s services.

A key challenge for Embryo, but one that excited us, was grappling with the often volatile crypto industry. To overcome this, our client services team in particular worked to forge a very strong relationship with the BCB marketing team so that communication of news, developments, and any volatility in the industry was immediately communicated in order to adjust strategy.

Further, Embryo’s talented content writers had to become experts in crypto quickly enough to produce ontologically rich content that targeted complex, often quite specific keywords. To side step this issue, our team used AI-assisted content frameworks to ensure that what was written would satisfy the E-E-A-T criteria outlined by Google.

To begin, BCB began with a £7,000 a month investment split 65/35 between SEO and paid social.

For this investment, BCB wanted our help to achieve the following:

  • Increase overall website visibility through increasing organic keyword rankings.
  • Increase in traffic and leads driven to the BCB Group website.
  • Ensure the lift & shift website project is carried out successfully by our technical department before any other major changes are implemented on the website.
  • Increase the number of relevant and high-quality backlinks linking to relevant landing pages in order to improve the existing DA score.
  • Improve CWV scores to bring them into the pass range of 90+ as measured by Google Lighthouse/Pagespeed Insights.

While new to the world of cryptocurrency the Embryo delivery team knew that their belief in a set of SEO principles would bring BCB organic success over a period of time.


Increase in domain authority

Our Approach

A Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy That Prioritised Keyword-Rich Content, Brand Awareness Across Social Media, and Technical Fixes On Their Website.

Knowing that the crypto industry is relatively new and filled with people that have opinions on the market, we knew we needed to, relatively quickly, establish BCB as an authority.

The team set about creating a strategy that would combine all three pillars of SEO. They would:

  • Create informative, keyword dense long-form content as well as eye-catching PR campaigns that would drive high authority backlinks to BCB’s website
  • Develop assets and content for scroll-stopping paid social content that kept the BCB brand in key decision maker’s minds
  • Make changes to the back end of BCB’s website so that it provided the user with the fastest experience possible when they arrived on a page

By working on the content, technical side, and the site’s authority, we would give the BCB site contextuality and trust, both in the eyes of the user and search engines. These latter two elements are essential for any SEO campaign.

  • 149%

    Increase in page views

  • 11.7%

    Decrease in bounce rate

  • 97/100

    Core Web Vital score

  • 67

    Position 1-3 keywords

We performed a technical SEO audit and created an action plan from the findings. We also advised BCB in the making of the new website and detailed to them the procedures we needed to carry out in order to keep any impact on organic performance to a minimum. Before the new site went live, we helped them carry out pre-launch testing and identified potential bugs or areas that could affect user experience. In November 2021, we also helped BCB migrate domains from .io to a .com site.

The content side of the Organic team went about creating 4-5 evergreen pieces of content a month. This content targeted keywords relevant to BCB and was designed to entice potential customers into approaching BCB over their competitors.

For our approach, our team used Embryo’s proprietary technology, Intermingle. Designed by our chief innovation officer, Intermingle enables us to enter the most important keywords for BCB and instantly receive an analysis of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for those keywords. This meant that, for each keyword, we could see the ideal strategy needed to rank for that term, helping to ensure we’re not wasting our time and efforts trying to rank organically for keywords that need a paid strategy, for example.

In such a new industry, we knew that search engines would be looking for authorities so, to create this content, we collaborated with BCB to get the company’s directors invested and involved in the campaigns. This is because we knew individual quotes from experts are what their audience, and Google, with its E-E-A-T ranking factors, would be after.

To help increase the notoriety of the business, 1-2 reactive PR pieces were created each month in order to gain backlinks from high-domain publications.

The digital PR was an instant hit. Within the first month, we secured an exclusive with the Daily Express by sharing a company director’s market insights. This piece was covered by 16 other news platforms with a max domain authority of 94, scoring 4 backlinks to BCB, and exposed them to 313 million readers.

The final element of multi-channel campaign was paid social. Once we’d completed their audit on their current social media output, and analysed their competition, our social team launched a series of ads featuring visually compelling ad creative and copy on Facebook and LinkedIn. These were then targeted to custom and lookalike audiences based on BCB’s existing clients and website visitors.

The paid social part of the campaign had the two-pronged benefit of keeping the BCB brand in key decision maker’s social media eco systems – because they see them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – but they also targeted recent visitors of the BCB site.


Comprehensive Results Across the Board

The results we achieved for the business exceeded their expectations and showcased our value to the company so much so that they decided to outsource even more aspects of their digital marketing to Embryo, including PPC.

  • 71%

    In website traffic from paid social

  • 3,523+

    Landing page views

  • 1,016

    Pieces of coverage from digital PR campaigns

  • 43%

    Increase in keyword rankings

Client Testimonial

What the Client Said

There aren't enough superlatives to describe the Embryo team and the digital marketing solutions they've provided for our business. We've been working with the team for over 18 months, and I can say that they are an extension of our in-house marketing team and consistently go above and beyond with service levels, creative solutions and input, as well as supporting our day-to-day efforts. Even as we've pivoted with our priorities, had budgets cut, had budgets increased, had new hurdles to overcome and challenges and requirements thrown at us as an in-house marketing team, the Embryo team has been there to support us throughout, with fresh ideas and approaches alongside practical advice. The results we continue to see are outstanding and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services (and regularly do!). If anyone has the chance to engage Embryo for SEO, digital PR, link building, organic and paid social, PPC and content writing to support SEO, go for it, you'd be mad not to.

Sam Shrager, BCB Group


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