21 January 2024

LinkedIn Scraps Lookalike Audiences – January 2024

LinkedIn will discontinue lookalike audiences on February 29, marking a shift in its advertising approach. This decision aims to streamline offerings and prioritise more impactful advertising solutions. While the reasons for this move remain undisclosed, it suggests a focus on refining ad products and enhancing user experiences.

Advertisers must adapt strategies accordingly, exploring alternative targeting options like interest-based or account targeting. Leveraging first-party data becomes crucial. LinkedIn’s decision reflects the evolving nature of digital advertising, requiring advertisers to stay agile and responsive to platform changes.

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10 September 2023

LinkedIn launches Conversion API – September 2023

LinkedIn’s Conversion API allows you to measure and optimise ad campaigns with greater precision and accuracy. This innovative tool enables advertisers to integrate their LinkedIn ad campaigns with their internal systems, providing real-time data on user actions and conversions. 

This allows you to gain deeper insights beyond just clicks and impressions such as specific actions taken by users e.g. form submissions, purchases, and downloads. This directly attributes them to their LinkedIn campaigns. This will allow marketers to make data-driven decisions which will help to improve efficiency which will help to increase this channel’s performance. 

In summary, Conversions API allows you to: 

  • Send marketing data directly from your server to LinkedIn to measure the performance of your LinkedIn campaigns. 
  • Improve full-funnel measurement by connecting online and offline conversions to LinkedIn
  • Power your campaign with multiple types of data to drive more conversions.
  • Allows you to drive a low Cost Per Action that doesn’t rely on cookie-based tracking.  
  • Increase data control by deciding how you share data with LinkedIn.

When you implement Conversions API, keep in mind:  

  • Data is held for a maximum of 180 days and is then erased.
  • Email addresses are hashed using SHA256.  
  • LinkedIn’s Data Processing Agreement covers Conversions API.  

For more information on Conversions API, check out LinkedIn’s website

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