Artificial Intelligence

14 June 2023

Automatically Created Assets Are Coming To Performance Max

Google has started testing its automatically created assets feature on Performance Max campaigns

Performance Max is continuing to be Google’s favourite test-bed, with Google now testing “automatically created assets”. By using advanced AI generative process, this feature takes advertiser’s already-uploaded text & image assets to create something new.

If you’re familiar with Google’s Responsive Display Ads, or Discovery Ads, you’ll understand how this works: Google will “mix and match” text and visual assets together, in order to create visual ads (similar to Display ads) to increase visibility of your ads across networks outside of Search & Shopping. As usual with Performance Max, advertisers can choose to let “the machine” handle decision making here, although how closely these “auto-assets” will adhere to brand guidelines remains to be seen…

25 May 2023

Search Generative Experience

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is finally here!

Well, kind of. On May 25th 2023 Google announced SGE, which added “AI” results to the top of some searches, which is powered by Google Gemini (formerly Bard).

The initial rollout was to users who had opted in and were signed into their Google accounts.

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10 May 2023

Google I/O Post-Game Update: The Latest Advancements In AI For Google Ads

This year’s Google I/O showcased how the latest advancements in AI can help “boost creativity”, and generally raise the bar for productivity. Google also reaffirmed their objective in building and deploying AI responsibly (we’ll let you decide what to make of that last bit).

Some new products and variants within the Google AI landscape were promoted, such as the new search generative experience (SGE) that will make search engines more of a conversational piece while connecting users to the information, services and products they desire, via “Bard” – this will expand and enhance new and existing apps such as Google Workplace, Maps, Lens and more .