25 June 2024

Facebook introduces Broadcast Channels on Facebook and Messenger

Broadcast channels are a way for accounts to share updates or messages with their followers. This is usually popular for big accounts like brands and influencers and allows updates to be conveyed in an intimate chat format.

This has already been rolled out across Instagram and allows users to connect with their most loyal followers in an authentic space. Followers can react to messages but are unable to reply, making these channels the perfect place for regular updates.

Recently, Facebook announced they were making Broadcast Channels available for eligible Facebook Pages. The eligibility would depend on the follower count of these Pages, needing at least 10,000 followers. Facebook has announced that they are looking to make this feature available for professional mode creators who also have more than 10,000 followers.

As this update is already live on Instagram, it’s no real surprise that Facebook is beginning to roll out this feature for Messenger. It will enable users to automatically share updates from their Instagram channel to their Facebook channel, saving them time and effort.