All you need to know about live video SEO

Live streams may be a regular part of your content creation process, yet you could be failing to see desirable results. This is where things like video SEO and live streaming SEO come in. As Google doesn’t view video content in the same way, it’s vital to tailor your approach so you can achieve that all important visibility.

Online videos aren’t just all about entertainment anymore- they can operate as an educational tool, a means of communication, or even where people turn to for research. With all these possibilities, it’s so important to optimise search engine visibility. It’s worth taking a look at what investing in live-streaming SEO can do for you.

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Live video SEO and 3 benefits

live video seo

To put it simply, live video SEO is targeted towards live videos and aims to optimise them for ranking highly in the SERPs. The key to success for any live stream is engagement, so increasing their visibility means they’re able to reach a wider audience. No matter how great your content is, that’s just not enough.

Properly utilising live video SEO also helps search engines understand the nature of your videos. They need to be crawled and indexed to be able to reach a sufficient audience, otherwise, they will just get lost in the sea of content that exists on YouTube, Google, or other platforms.

Through optimising your video content, you give yourself the opportunity to increase the level of organic traffic that reaches your site.  It’s hard to see why live video SEO isn’t a good idea for those using live streaming as a means of content creation.

So, now you know the basis of what live video SEO is, what actually are its benefits? How can it give you a helping hand for launching your video content into the stratosphere? Let’s delve right into its advantages:

Organic traffic

We know by now that is something very desirable for signaling brand authority and increasing the overall success of your business. So, live video SEO can help other SEO factors that in turn generate an increase in organic traffic. For example, by optimising for more keywords in your video content, you give search engines more context on your site’s relevancy.

Lowered bounce rate

Live videos have the advantage of utilising visual stimuli to get the attention of their user, which is often more successful than blocks of disengaging writing on a site. Therefore, users are less likely to click off if you create engaging video content. The more interested a user is, the more likely they are to invest in your product or service. Therefore, a lowered bounce rate has the potential to increase your conversion rate.

Ranking opportunities

By including videos on your site, you open up ranking opportunities and are likely to improve your rankings as a whole. If you correctly optimise a live video (which we explain below), you’re likely to increase your click-through rate which contributes to how highly Google places your site on the results page.

4 ways to optimise your live videos

The benefits are clearly worth it when implementing this type of SEO, but you’re probably wondering ‘how do I optimise my live videos?’. We’re here to answer this exact question below, so let’s take a look:

Keyword research

When discussing all things SEO, keyword research is likely to crop up. It’s often the first stepping stone in any campaign, so it isn’t something to be rushed or overlooked. Compiling a list of keywords relevant to your product or service is key for knowing what your target customer is looking for.

Research is often useful for finding keywords in your industry or niche so you know what your live video content should aim to target. After all, you want to rank for your business area to get your brand out there to relevant audiences.

Why not check out our blog ‘10 Free Keyword Research Tools’ to help kickstart your effective keyword research without breaking the bank?

Titles and descriptions

Using keyword research, you can optimise your live video titles and descriptions so they utilise the most relevant keywords. That way, people know exactly what your live video is going to be about. Another important aspect of titles and descriptions is making them clear and concise- engaging titles hint at engaging content, so they paint your live video as something a user should want to watch.

Quality content

Although quality content isn’t enough without optimisation, it still makes a huge impact. Sure, your live video may be optimised, but if it doesn’t do an awful lot in terms of informing and engaging the user, then what’s the point? They’re more likely to click off and less likely to come back for more. If you solidify your live videos as a worthwhile watch, they’re going to trust your future content and return to your site.


Achieving backlinks to your live videos is a way of confidently establishing them as trustworthy and informative. If other sites or content creators link to your stream before you go live, it increases your visibility and allows a wider audience to reach you. By achieving relevant backlinks, the search engine also trusts your site as well as a viewer.

Final thoughts

Feel ready to whip your camera out and start a live video? Hopefully, this blog has equipped you with the knowledge you need to get started with the optimisation process. Live video SEO is the perfect way to increase your organic traffic and improve your overall ranking. The main thing to remember is to balance effective keyword research with consistent, quality content. If you’re still unsure, feel free to speak to our friendly team! We can use our expertise to answer any questions you may have.

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