How to Optimise your Ad Copy in 2024

Ad copy is a vital part of any PPC campaign. It’s often the first thing a user sees when finding your ad, and can often be what convinces them to click onto your landing page. Visual stimuli helps establish your brand and its key messages that sit at the core of the business. A user’s eyes are drawn to it, and from the copy they can see whether your ad is going to help their needs.

The market is only getting bigger, which means more competition. Optimising your copy can be a great way to sell yourself to a user without wasting any budget.

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Ways to optimise your ad copy

Optimising your ad copy is a smart move in the current competitive landscape. You want to be the ones to reach out to customers, showing them what you have to offer. There are a few ways to go about it, and we’ve given you some ideas to get you started:

Reflect your brand

You really want to capture the nature of your brand within your ad copy to create brand trust. If your brand’s voice tends to change across different channels, then you’re not clearly showing your user who you are as a company. If you instead employ the same tone of voice across platforms, a user gets a clear idea of who you are and what you have to offer.

Make it known what sets you apart from competitors so users know to choose you. Don’t try to be a brand you’re not- take advantage of what you have to offer. For example, make it clear that you can cater for users on a budget if this is your target audience. Or, if you’ve got an offer on at the minute, it’s worth including this in your ad copy. Whatever your brand may be, this needs to be captured and reflected in how you play with those valuable words.


Keeping your copy relevant is key. That way, the search engine can match your ad with a user’s search query that’s aligned with your services. Make use of the character limit you’re given and use up the headline and description slots. This way, you’re getting all the key information across and a user will then know if your company is relevant to their needs.

A way to increase your relevancy is by utilising keywords. Keywords sit at the centre of pretty much every marketing campaign, and including them in your ad copy improves your visibility for certain search queries. Including the very thing they were searching for immediately establishes you as a relevant company for whatever they’re after. Additionally, you don’t want to ‘stuff’ too many keywords in- stay concise and stick to the words that convey the correct message.

Refresh the copy

To optimise for the current year, ad copy needs to be monitored and refreshed to align with current trends. Optimising ad copy doesn’t stop at simply just writing it. You need to monitor its performance and prevent the copy looking repetitive across your site.

Eventually, your ad will just dry out if there’s nothing updated. A common mistake is thinking the job is done once the copy is written. Refreshing is also a good way to keep up with the fast-paced, competitive marketing landscape, not letting yourself get left behind.

Keep messaging consistent

Utilise what you’ve already got. Take a look at the types of messaging you’ve used for social media campaigns, or even meta descriptions on products. You may have CTA’s on the site that have proved successful for your target audience in the past, so why not take a bit of inspo from what’s worked well?

Including similar phrasing in your copy not only keeps messaging consistent across channels, but reassures you that it’s likely to generate a good response again. Even things like email marketing give you essential insight into what works. Consistent messaging further reinforces your brand, so there’s a sense of familiarity with your audience.

Test the copy

Testing two sets of ad copy using A/B testing is a great way to see what performs better. Whatever works best can show you the copy that resonates with users the most. Testing allows you to create a version that’s the most effective it can be.

As opposed to relying on guesswork, tests give you tangible evidence to work with and reassure you that you’re making the right call. You can decide what specific goals you want to achieve from the test, allowing you track whatever metrics align most with your strategy. The great thing about testing is that it doesn’t have to be a one time thing. Testing in the future after your ad copy has been in place for a while can let you know if you need to refresh or re-optimise.

Key takeaways

So, hopefully you now understand the importance of ad copy and how to optimise it for 2024. It’s not something you should let slip under the radar, as things like refreshing and testing can maintain your relevancy. Capturing your brand in these all important words can really speak to a customer, increasing the number of clicks onto your landing page. Overall, targeting this area for optimisation is a great way to increase traffic.

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