What PPC will look like in 2024 

Like with important keyword research that can help you boost your SEO, it’s important to pay attention to the latest trends in PPC advertising to ensure that you’re optimising your opportunities for customer engagement and boosting your CTR (click through rates). By tracking trends in PPC, you can help your business achieve the highest ROI (return on investment) on your products and services in 2024.

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1. The rise of AI

As we see the continued growth in the use of AI systems for everything from advertising to academic writing, you can expect to see the impact of AI in PPC automation. Already Google Ads are making use of automated budgets and software generated headlines to regulate and optimise AI campaigns. It’s important to understand Google Ads’ use of these tools in order to stay up to date.

You can use automated algorithms to your advantage by setting up and monitoring effective conversion tracking and ensuring that your use of keywords are accurate and relevant. It’s also important that you maintain content of a high standard on your site that is tailored towards your target audiences.

2. Automated bidding

Along with using AI to analyse data and predict trends that help you shape your marketing strategy and business decisions, it can also be used in automated bid strategies and Smart Bidding to optimise your ads for conversion rates or conversion value.

One version of automated bidding is known as a Portfolio Bid Strategy. This is where multiple campaigns, ad groups or keywords that share mutual goals are grouped together in order to appeal to the most profitable customer demographic.

3. Collaborative filters

By checking your IP address when you search, Google can also guide its users to the content that they will find most appealing, no matter where they are in the world. This is what’s known as collaborative filtering and means that you can appeal to groups with mutual interests or similar backgrounds which helps you to tailor your content more accurately to their buying habits. This filter helps websites remain interesting and relevant to individual users based on the activity of other, similar users.

4. Target Audience

People always have been, and always will be, what makes or breaks your business – even more so than keywords, as we’ve seen from recent shifts to more audience specific targeted ads.  What’s more, profitable customer engagement begins before leads even click through to your website’s landing page. By setting exclusions on your ad campaigns so that you’re only being shown to users who are likely to be interested in your product or service, you can be smarter with your budget in order to get the highest ROI. This is especially important given the predicted increase in CPC as more and more companies are turning to PPC platforms to advertise their products and services.

Google Ads also recently introduced a feature that allows you to target audiences by specifying factors such as age group or household income for those who are most likely to see your ads. By combining keyword targeting and demographic targeting you can create your ads with a more specific customer in mind.

5. Social media

With more than half of the world now using social media, according to Smart Insights Digital Marketing, social platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are often used in SEO strategies to generate organic traffic to your website through user-generated content. However, as more and more people, and businesses, use social media every day, with more than 250 million new users having joined the online community in the last year alone, it’s also an extremely useful platform where you can launch or expand your PPC ad campaign.

This means adapting your advertising to appeal to users across these platforms, and making sure that your ads appear in the most advantageous format in line with the growing multi-platform trend in current advertising.

6. Amazon’s Advertising Acceleration

As if more than 100 subsidiaries wasn’t enough property for the largest online retailer and technology provider, Amazon aren’t far behind Google and Facebook in terms of paid advertising domination as the third largest and fasting growing advertiser to date.

Part of their success is due to their ad expansion to platforms beyond Amazon’s website. However, it’s the emphasis on Buyer Intent, through product detail and page consistency, and visible product star-ratings, which has allowed Amazon to create a compelling and easy shopping experience for Amazon Shoppers that keeps them coming back for more.

7. Video Ads

Like that little screen on silent that transfixes everyone in the waiting room, even those who have no idea what’s going on, video ads are great for generating higher CTR (click-through rates). According to psychological studies, it has been proven that people are more likely to retain moving images than static ones or text.

By incorporating videos in your ad campaigns, you’re more likely to have a wider reach with a higher aesthetic appeal. In particular, Google’s latest video marketing tool, Bumper Ads, allows you to turn videos that are less than a minute and a half into clickable ads and has proven to be highly successful so far.

8. SEO and PPC: friends not rivals

One way of staying on top of the latest trends is to integrate your SEO and PPC strategies together in order to boost your website rankings which will, in turn, lead to increased engagement with your PPC ads and higher conversion rates and conversion values. SEO allows you to take into consideration things like customer research, keyword research, linking strategies, and the consistency and quality of your content both on your website and in your ads. By combining these marketing strategies, you can also analyse your top performing ad content and use this to inform marketing decisions and campaigns in the future.

Stay on trend, stay on target

By keeping track of PPC trends in 2024, you can ensure that you’re making use of the best and most up-to-date tools available to enhance your ad campaigns and see the highest ROI to help your business grow.

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