10 Reasons To Work With A PPC Specialist

For businesses looking to grow in 2023, one thing you might look at is PPC and if you can do this yourself or whether you need a PPC Specialist.  

As over 58% of users, today purchase products and services online weekly and 85% of users search via Google in 2023, jumping into PPC and SEO could be the first step into increasing your business’s sales and revenue. However, it takes technical know-how to do it properly. Experienced marketers can make mistakes when they enter into a new space of digital marketing or start selling a different product with PPC. An expert paid search analyst reviews every potential facet of your account, looking for ways to continually improve leads and sales.

If you are new to PPC, you may be unfamiliar that it can cost you less to hire an expert than it will launch a campaign by yourself. The inability to properly research, implement and maintain paid search campaigns can be disastrous for your business. Most companies are overloaded with running their own businesses or lack the experience needed to create and maintain a paid search campaign. Hiring a PPC expert is not only a logical decision but one that will save you resources, and time and ultimately increase your marketing return on investment (ROI) – There’s a reason why PPC professionals charge a management fee!

If a PPC Specialist is what you need to kick-start your PPC journey or to help it grow even further, you can give us a ring on 0161 327 2635 or contact us at [email protected].

What is a PPC Specialist?

Before we jump into why you should hire a PPC specialist, it’s vital to understand what they are and how they can help improve your digital marketing.

A PPC specialist is a digital marketer that is trained in the art of pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Using both creative and analytical strategies, they are responsible for planning and optimising the effectiveness of paid marketing campaigns in earning the best possible ROI across Google and Bing platforms.

While a beginner to PPC may be able to implement a basic campaign, PPC specialists use their expertise to design, build and execute advertising campaigns that can meet your business goals and objectives. They are able to navigate paid advertising platforms, software and more to effectively monitor their campaigns, manage budgets, implement strategies and ensure profitability. 

Simply put, PPC specialists provide immense value to their customers by analysing online advertising campaigns and optimising them to continually improve leads and sales. Specialists are specialists for a reason and below are 10 reasons why you should hire a PPC specialist to handle your ongoing marketing efforts.

10 Reasons Why To Work With A PPC Specialist

1) Keyword Research

For many businesses, potentially profitable advertising campaigns are hindered by their own keywords. A common misconception about keyword optimisation is to find keywords that have a high search volume and then use it within their ads and content. However, these are highly competitive, with large companies and corporations spending thousands to ensure they rank for these, leaving little room for you to appear. Furthermore, picking the wrong keywords, or even match types can quickly exhaust your budget and your campaign will have poor ROI.

To have PPC ads that appear and convert, you will need to be more strategic. This is where hiring a PPC specialist comes in; you’ll get access to the experience you need for this fundamentally important and time-consuming process. PPC experts will consider a myriad of factors for every keyword, from search volume and competition to average cost-per-click. A combination of these factors helps build stronger and more converting ad campaigns.

They will also use a number of keyword tools. While a beginner PPC marketer may solely rely on free keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, PPC specialists can give you a competitive advantage by looking at other competitors’ ads and keywords they are bidding on, as well as access to alternative keywords that free tools may not pick up. These tools can be an expensive cost monthly in addition to any other expenses you may have.

2) Ad Copy

Competitor research is a vital component for PPC experts and this doesn’t stop from keyword research to the ad copy. PPC specialists understand how to study your competition, find a good copy, and form ads based on what they know works for your industry. Furthermore, ad copy requires knowing who your audiences are, how they search, how they think, and their end objective. Bad ad copy will not convey the relevant message to your audience, wasting budget and losing potential customers. 

By utilising additional tools and understanding of your industry to construct persuasive and action-driven ad copy that is relevant to your target audience’s search, PPC specialists can elevate your campaign and improve your conversions while staying within the best practices and guidelines of your preferred search engine and ad platforms.

3) Landing Page Optimisation

Relevance is important in all areas of advertising, from SEO to PPC. If your landing page is irrelevant to your user’s needs, you could be wasting your budget. Not only do PPC specialists understand the principles of landing page design, but they also understand the importance of pushing a user through to finally convert.

While a beginner PPC marketer may not change and update your landing pages, PPC specialists will consistently test different landing pages in order to improve conversions by finding out what layouts engage or convert your target audience to the optimal level.

4) Experience

PPC specialists, especially within agencies, have worked with other clients in your industry and have the knowledge they can use to apply your ad campaigns. They will continue to learn and understand search trends for your industry to always be one step ahead of your competition and proactively be prepared for any highs and lows in your services and products.

At Embryo, we have clients in a wide range of industries, from hospitality and retail to insurance and service industries. You see some of these here, and how we have helped these businesses scale and grow.

5)  Tracking

Accurate conversion tracking is essential to the success of your PPC ad campaigns. The foundation for any PPC account is its ability to track conversions and where they have come from. Tracking your conversions, allows PPC specialists to optimise your campaigns, identify areas of improvement and measure the success of your paid advertising. 

However, tracking takes expertise and time. Beginner PPC marketers may follow Google’s top-level tracking for your website, it is not as accurate as a full tracking set-up could be; with custom segmentation, primary tracking, and with UA now upgrading to GA4 there has never been a better time to have a PPC expert help guide you through this.

6) Campaign Knowledge 

There are many potential settings in your paid advertising platforms that can be adjusted in order to get the optimal level of results from your campaigns. Those new to PPC may create one or two campaigns without making any changes or taking into consideration your business which can ultimately waste budget and receive poor results.

For example, campaign types range from search all the way to the new-kid-on-the-block Performance Max which all perform differently to a myriad of audiences and platforms. There are also settings such as deciding between smart automation and manual bidding, whether to allow your ads to appear on partner and affiliate networks as well as any additional assets you may need for your campaign: site links, locations, creatives and more.

Without a strong understanding of these settings and how they can benefit your campaign, you could be paying too much for similar traffic that other competitors pay a lot less for. 

7) Understanding Your Target Audience

Similar to understanding your paid advertising campaigns, it is equally important to understand your business’s target audience. Many businesses never take the time to consider who they are actually targeting with their PPC campaigns. Luckily, through demographics, geo-targeting and devices, PPC experts can help identify your key audiences and establish visibility and loyalty towards your brand. 

PPC specialists will focus both on first-party and third-party data to create a comprehensive and effective paid advertising campaign, allowing you to target the entire sales funnel and improve customer retention.

8) Adaptability & Time

Search platforms such as Google continually update and make changes day-to-day to how their platform works and subsequently affect your campaigns. It is a PPC specialist’s duty to keep in the loop with these trends through blogs, websites, events and representatives that can be very time-consuming for those having to run their business at the same time! 

By allowing PPC experts to keep on top of this and give the account the attention it deserves, they can continue to make the right decisions at the right time while trialling new campaigns and settings to further improve your campaign’s results.

9) Strategy, Plans & Reporting

Having a PPC expert on your side means that you know exactly what’s going on in your account with consistent reporting, as well as continual strategy and future plans to continue your growth and ROI within your account. They are always looking one step ahead to beat the competition and are able to explain complex ideas and search trends in a way that makes sense to you.

Here at Embryo, we are data-driven and use your historical data to optimise your campaigns to the highest possible ROI. Defining your goals and objectives through continuous analysing of your ad performance and other metrics, allows us to make informed marketing decisions to scale your business.

10) Trusted Partnerships

PPC is one drop in the ocean of digital marketing, working with a PPC expert at a digital marketing agency gives you access to the whole hemisphere of marketing knowledge – from fellow PPC experts to SEO and other paid media such as paid social. They have a bank of expertise to rely on and a variety of specialities to further scale and grow your business. 

While a freelancer or in-house PPC advertisers have their benefits, having a relationship with an agency ensures all aspects of your company’s marketing are all working towards the same goal and can take on any project that you may need.

Start Your PPC Journey And Grow With Embryo

PPC experts take years to learn PPC inside and out and for the reasons above, you can see why they are essential for any business looking to grow and scale. If you are interested in working with a multi-award-winning team of PPC experts, you can get in touch at [email protected] or call us on 0161 327 2635.


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