The best content tools for SEO success

In the world of SEO, there are plenty of good content writing tools to help your business thrive.

Here at Embryo, we understand the importance of SEO tools. That’s why we have a whole page of SEO tools at your fingertips. These programs have the potential to transform your digital marketing strategy, allowing you to work smarter and faster to get performance.

Impressively, as a top-performing agency, we have made two of our own in-house tools, the first of their kind in the industry. However, it’s not just all about us. Some of the best SEO content tools we will cover in this post include:

  • Grammarly
  • Semrush
  • Jasper AI
  • Frase
  • Clearscope
  • Surfer SEO

Let’s have a look at these tools in a bit more detail and tell you about the best content tools for SEO!

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grammarly content creation tool


A free content writing tool, Grammarly is one of the best for proofreading content and spotting spelling and grammar errors.

Incredibly popular, Grammarly is easily accessible as a Chrome extension. This means that the tool avoids any limitations associated with a particular platform. It quickly and accurately reviews any submitted text for common errors as well as the risk of incidental plagiarism.

One of our content writers here at Embryo, Amelia Ritchie, says

‘Grammarly is really useful for spotting those little grammar errors that may slip under the radar during the editing stage. It saves me a lot of time and its use of highlighting any incorrections acts as a fine tooth comb, and I like how you can also reject its corrections if it’s flagged something that you’d like to keep.’

Notable benefits:

  • It’s very quick and smooth – Grammarly is very easy to use and functions pretty seamlessly. It has a simple layout which means that you can easily accept or reject its suggestions.
  • It is free – there are no extra costs for you when using this tool. The handy and free version means that you can proofread to make sure you haven’t missed anything while editing.
semrush logo


This is another incredibly popular SEO tool out there. Semrush offers a comprehensive package of functionality including a keyword search, writing analysis, and more.

It uses AI to analyse your content and give suggestions on how to make it better. It can also highlight target keywords and suggests other relevant terms to include and provides a readability score and recommended word count.

Notable benefits include:

  • It checks for plagiarism – Semrush is one of the only tools with a plagiarism checker, ensuring that you are putting out unique content.
  • It is easy to use – like Grammarly, this tool is straightforward with a simple, user-friendly interface. It can also integrate with other tools such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word and WordPress.
  • It provides helpful suggestions – instead of just providing guidelines or targets to hit, Semrush actually gives actionable recommendations that you can implement to improve your content.
jasper content creation tool


Jasper AI is a content writing assistant that can create articles from scratch or rewrite sections of your own content. All you need to do is give the tool details on the topic you’d like to write about, and it will do the writing for you.

The good thing about Jasper is that it produces content that is 100% unique and it takes tone of voice into account too – that way, you can create content that is suited to your brand or the client you’re writing for.

Useful benefits:

  • It is easy to use – once again, it’s an incredibly easy tool. Just tell it what you want and it will do the work for you.
  • It speeds up the writing process – you can save a whole lot of time when using Jasper. It will quickly provide you with a foundation for your article.
  • It offers templates – Jasper provides over 50 different content templates to choose from. This means that you can quickly come up with engaging text for all of your channels.
frase content creation tool


As a content writing tool, Frase helps to develop content that will rank for a specific topic. It analyses the top SERP results for a specific keyword and then provides guidelines, questions, topics, statistics, and many more for you to help structure your content.

It also has an AI tool that automates certain parts of the writing process.

Key benefits include:

  • It offers great briefs – Frase is a great tool that quickly puts together briefs for writers. It can find top-competing links, suggests a word count, and compiles lots of useful information to help write briefs.
  • It is easy to use – its layout is very user-friendly. Whilst a lot of it focuses on writing for briefs, everything is easy to find and understand.
  • The content editor tab – Frase puts the content editor in the tab directly next to the brief, making it easier for you to switch between the brief and your writing.
  • It offers a content score – it rates your written content against competitors and gives you a score which can help to set targets.
clearscope logo


Clearscope is an SEO article-writing tool that utilises AI to review the core optimisation elements of your project. We would say that Clearscope is best suited for agencies as there is no free version.

It consists of a keyword discovery tool, which provides a list of relevant terms for a keyword, and a report feature.

Some notable benefits:

  • It has a shareable editor – Clearscope lets you share a link to your reports so that other people can write in the editor. This can be helpful if you work with multiple writers.
  • It has a readability score – this tool offers a readability score for your content which you can keep an eye on as you write. It is helpful as you don’t have to find another tool to do this once the content has been written.
surfer content creation tool


Surfer SEO offers things such as a SERP analyser, content planner, audit, keyword research, and content editor. It reviews high-ranking pages for your keyword to create a guide for developing your own competitive articles.

The content editor is Surfer SEO’s main tool for optimising content. You can type in multiple keywords that you want to target and it will give you guidelines on what the word count should be and how many headings, paragraphs, and pictures you should include.

Some of its key benefits:

  • It’s good for guiding your content – Surfer SEO can give you guidance on what headings to use, as well as telling you what topics you should cover in your article.
  • It integrates with Google Docs – writers can use this tool alongside Google Docs without having to access Surfer itself. This means that you don’t have to provide links when giving feedback, you can simply add comments as usual.

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Hopefully, these recommendations have given you some inspiration and shown you the array of content-writing tools out there.

Whether you’re looking for a paid solution or a free trial, there are plenty of tools around to help you with your writing and SEO content. Try out some of the ones we mentioned above, or even use a combination of them!

If you want to find out more about SEO or have an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Or, check out more of our similar blogs down below.

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