Best creative marketing campaigns in 2024 so far

Hot off the heels of the Digital PR Summit, there was a lot of talk about how Digital PR campaigns are moving towards an omnichannel approach, engaging other channels such as email, social, onsite content and influencers as our industry becomes more than just building links.

Creative marketing campaigns do just that, not only build organic visibility and traffic back to revenue-generating pages, but they build brand too.

We’ve rounded up five of the best creative marketing campaigns in 2024 so far.

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5 of the best campaigns from 2024!

1. The World’s First Ketchup Insurance Policy –  Heinz

The red sauce we all know and love from household brand Heinz has been killing it recently with tongue-in-cheek campaigns that have not only landed top-tier press coverage but they’ve been all over our socials too.

From the world’s first ketchup insurance policy (iconic) to a social stunt which unveiled a new phone case that allows you to carry a ketchup sachet on the go, it’s safe to say they’ve nailed the art of relevant yet newsworthy stunts for their brand.

2. UK Polite Cities Index – Preply

Tapping into a classic data-led PR campaign format, Preply have examined survey data to reveal exactly which cities are the rudest and on the flipside – which ones are the most polite.

Leaning on an age-old PR formula – the North vs South divide – the campaign has secured social mentions from the likes of LADbible, sparking conversation over social platforms as it revealed Manchester as the rudest city.

Plus, link builders can rejoice as the campaign’s range of regional angles has earned coverage and links in the likes of Daily Express, Time Out and regional publications too.

3. Re-imagined covers of literary classics – Dulux

Books take pride and centre in any book-lover’s living room, so we love this re-imagined campaign by Dulux that reinvents the covers of twelve literary classics such as Little Women and Moby Dick to redecorate your reading corner with.

The paint brand analysed each book’s emotional narrative and matched it with hues that share a similar mood.

The cross-channel campaign has featured OOH takeovers, social and influencer amplification plus celebrity host-reads on leading podcasts including Happy Place and a partnership with author Sara Cox.

4. Ultimate favourite child bouquet – MoonPig

There’s nothing more timely than providing a journalist with a PR campaign that has a seasonal spin. But with a lot of competition, seasonal campaigns need to tick all the boxes in order to get cut-through.

Ahead of Mother’s Day, MoonPig conducted a survey to uncover how many parents have a favourite child. And, to support the data – and siblings looking to impress their parents – MoonPig launched ‘The ultimate favourite child bouquet.’

With internal sales data informing the product launch, expert insight from a relationship psychologist, onsite content plus a product page to shop from, this campaign ticked all the boxes.

Plus, with a full range onsite named ‘The ultimate favourite child collection’ we love how you can select cards and other gifts to match.

5. April Fool’s top pranks

As we’re only four months into the year, it wouldn’t be a campaign round-up without a few April Fool campaign pranks.

Tinder posted a new job role for a ‘Vice President for Ghost Hunting’, someone dedicated to ‘exorcising all ghosts’ and finding reasons behind unanswered texts.

And in a raunchy partnership you wouldn’t have guessed, Marmite and Love Honey turned heads as they created a ‘kissable massage oil’ with the tagline ‘your favourite spready just turned saucy.’

While the campaigns weren’t real they definitely got people talking – and what’s not to love but a bit of band humour.

Want great creative campaigns?

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