Getting ahead in the SEO world

So, you want to advance your career and put your stamp on the world of SEO? This world can often be confusing to navigate- with many different opinions being pumped out on Linkedin or X, it can be hard to find your own feet. However, there are a few things you can do to help you get ahead.

SEO is a promising career, so it’s no wonder you may be looking to advance your position. No matter where you’re at on the SEO career ladder, the following tips will always be helpful for every level. As the industry grows, you can make sure you grow too.

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The essential SEO fundamentals

learning the essential seo fundamentals

To really get to grips with the SEO industry, you’ve got to know the essentials, especially if you still feel new to the career. Knowing the basics is key for any understanding of SEO as a whole, and these could be things like:

Understanding these areas helps you begin the journey of climbing the career ladder and allows you to become knowledgeable in every key area possible. You are then equipped with the skills to expand.

Getting to grips with the three pillars of SEO can further provide you with the information you need to go further in the realm of SEO. Our Organic Lead, Amy Leach, explains them in this helpful video below:

Once you’re familiar and comfortable with the core fundamentals, you can expand your career and follow these helpful tips to get ahead:

Identify your weaknesses

A good place to start is identifying and admitting your downfalls. Is there a particular area of SEO you feel a bit ropey with? Or is it a personal flaw that’s getting in the way of your growth? Whatever it is, looking at the gaps in your skills can help you form the next steps of your journey.

Although this can be very hard to do at first, it is worth it for the long-term implications to performance. You can also gain insights from other team members to see what they think you could focus on. Or if there’s someone on your team who specialises in what you’re struggling with, kindly ask them to show you.

Follow expert examples

Listen to the experts to turn yourself into an expert. After all, they know best. It could be experts with a strong online presence or experts within your own company. Their knowledge can act as a guide and help you fill those skill gaps that you’ve recognised.

If you follow any experts on Linkedin, why not have a nosey at their career path? This can help you get an idea of steps they’ve taken to help them get to their current position.

Keep up to date with the latest news and changes

Digital marketing is not a fixed industry. Change is part of its DNA. To truly get ahead in the SEO world, you need to keep up to date with the latest news and changes. Knowing the latest SEO developments helps you adapt your own practices to align with the best practices.

Google and its algorithms keep the search engines updated so they can answer exactly what a user is looking for. So, you also need to learn these updates so you can become well-versed in what Google wants in a high-ranking site. Not only does keeping up to date help you adapt to change, but it also helps you prepare.

Never stop learning

The SEO learning journey never stops. There’s no end to what knowledge you can gain, especially with the constant change we mentioned previously. Constantly learning can help you adjust your strategy if you find anything that doesn’t fit with your current one.

Limiting the expansion of your knowledge therefore limits where your expertise can reach. It’s worth learning early on that the journey doesn’t have a conclusive end, especially because SEO has no fixed landscape.

Share your thoughts

Why not build a profile for yourself that shares your latest thoughts and SEO discoveries? That way, you can build an online community and online presence. Platforms like LinkedIn or X are great for this, and people can even share their thoughts on your posts, helping you gain even more insights into the SEO world.

Sharing knowledge with others is a great practice to engage with. You could help junior team members too and mentor them with what you’ve learnt so far on your journey. If you want to get ahead, then sharing some useful tips and explaining processes to new starters helps you practice being the so-called expert.

Key takeaways

Hopefully, you now feel confident with how you can break into the SEO sphere. Once you’ve mastered the basics, our helpful tips can guide how you get ahead in a competitive, ever-changing industry. Things like building an online presence, listening to the pros, and always following the latest news can go a long way.

Feeling like you should be keeping up to date? Well, look no further as our blogs below can give you further insights and help you gain that all-important knowledge. Feel free to speak to a member of our helpful team and we can answer any questions you may have- we’d be happy to help!

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