5 SEO webinars you shouldn’t be missing out on

Chances are, you’ve mindlessly signed up for a webinar, forgotten all about it, and missed out on some valuable SEO information. If this is you, stop overlooking the value of webinars! You don’t even have to attend in person and yet you’re given so many helpful insights that can benefit your career.

Leading industry experts often take the lead in delivering information, elevating what you already know. Topics could range from technical SEO tips to e-commerce SEO. There’s so much out there that you can learn. And all this knowledge is right at your fingertips with a click of a button. What’s not to love?

Benefits of a webinar

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Webinars carry loads of benefits for you to take advantage of. ‘But what are these?’ I hear you ask. We’re about to answer just that, so take a look below at some of the key benefits of attending a webinar:

The convenience of being online

You don’t even have to leave your home! So really, there’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t attend. You can watch it wherever, whenever, and on whichever device is easiest for you.

Access to expert knowledge

The main reason you should want to attend a webinar is to learn. And trust us, there’s plenty of that with the expert knowledge that tends to guide the topic of the webinar. You wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the tips and tricks they give to help strengthen your strategy.

Low-cost or often free

Sometimes, companies will offer free webinars for anyone to access. Even if they aren’t completely free, it’s often only a low fee or donation that’s asked for. Or, they may just ask for your email or some personal details so they have somewhere to send the video if it isn’t on YouTube.

Can go back and access it again

If you attend an in-person seminar, you often have to make sure you’re scribbling down all the right SEO guidance while still trying to engage. However, you can go back and rewatch the webinar if you missed anything the first time or if you need a little extra reminder.

Engage with industry experts

Engaging with those who know best shouldn’t be an opportunity to pass up. It’s often industry experts who take the position as hosts, so you know you can trust the information they’re delivering. After all, they’re the experts within their company.

5 webinars you should watch to learn more about SEO

So, now you can see why webinars can be a useful tool to learn more about SEO. But which webinars should you be caring about? Below, we’ve provided a list of webinars that you can watch on-demand right now! Let’s get started:

2024 Trend Updates: What Really Works In SEO & Content Marketing

Hosted by Search Engine Journal, this webinar focuses on how the search engine is becoming more and more human-focused, taking into account the nuances of human language. They’ll target how to optimise your strategy for 2024 changes, giving insight into the best SEO practices. The hosts also cover the nitty and gritty of E-E-A-T as it is needed more than ever before.

Execute a Technical SEO Site Audit Like A Pro

As you can perhaps gather from the title, this webinar by Moz will tackle technical SEO requirements and cover what to focus on when conducting an SEO site audit. If you feel a bit ropey with the realm of technical SEO, this webinar is definitely for you. No matter your level of technical skill, pretty much all major aspects will be covered.

Generative AI for Digital Marketers: The Tech’s Impact on Business Growth

With AI rapidly making its way into the DNA of digital marketing, this webinar is definitely one to consider. Hosted by Semrush in August 2023, you can watch this on-demand. Not only does it cover how AI is changing the search landscape and content, but it also tells you how to leverage the benefits of AI for your strategy.

Link Building in 2024: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What’s Next?

Highly relevant for keeping up to date with changes in 2024, this seminar by Search Engine Journal is available on demand. It teaches best practices for link-building, helping you build a stronger site for the future. Since gaining quality backlinks is such a challenge, this will definitely help break it down for you.

The State of Local Search 2024

Specialising in local SEO, Brightlocal gives you the best tactics to up your local game. This webinar is also available on demand, with live chat replay so you can see what questions other users have been asking. They account for the recent AI changes to give you a head start on the best tactics to use. If you’re feeling unsure about anything local SEO in 2024, this is certainly one to watch.

Final Thoughts

Why not give one of these webinars a go? If none of these take your fancy, there are plenty of others available online that may interest you. They’re particularly ideal if you can’t attend an in-person seminar or if you want to gain instant access to a host of information with a few clicks of your device.

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