Why an SEO Audit is Important

Is your website struggling with generating leads? Then carry on reading to find out the key benefits of performing an SEO audit. Conducting an audit for your website means evaluating how search engine friendly your site is. Every website is different, so this audit will give you a tailored view of how well you are doing in the eyes of Google. After an audit you will be in a much better position to understand where your website is at, so lets jump right into it.

Improve Site Performance

Google will always prefer healthy websites and site performance plays a big role in the rankings. Running an audit can demonstrate whether your site has low-speed or issues within the sitemap. These changes can be fixed immediately, however, some may take some more time as they will need great looking into. For this reason, we recommend performing an SEO audit on a regular basis.

Leave The Past Behind

Search engine optimisation is constantly evolving especially with Google changing their algorithms regularly. In the past, website owners would buy links that direct to your page, nowadays, toxic links can be very detrimental to search engine rankings. However, link building is still a massive part of SEO, its all about building correctly and efficiently. An SEO audit will identify any bad historic practices, which once removed, will help your business rank better.

Keyword Research

When we bring on new clients and show them their SEO audit, it can come of a shock when they see the keywords they are currently ranking for. The audits will offer invaluable information into organic presences in the search results. Once you understand what you are ranking for compared to what you want to rank for, you can optimise your content accordingly. You could have the best content on a topic, but if it’s not optimised for keywords, your customers will struggle to find you.

Competitor SEO Research

Do you have a competitor who always seems to be ranking better than you? Would you like to understand how they tailor their keywords? During an audit is important to investigate into competitors, analysing into their information to understand how you can set your SEO strategy. Competitive SEO analysis is perfectly acceptable and certainly, work including.



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