8 SEO Tips to Make Your Website More Profitable

Your website is your business’s online home, and optimising it by using SEO techniques (preferably white hat SEO techniques) helps potential customers find your business via relevant searches. All of this has the ultimate goal of making your business money.

All in all, then, there is a lot of pressure on your website to perform well. So, if you’re reading this wondering why your website isn’t making your business more money and worrying, then worry no more. Here, we’re going to be breaking down eight of the best ways that you can make your website more profitable.

Complete all eight of these tips, commit to optimising your website and in time, it will start bringing in the levels of profit that your business deserves.

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1. Optimise for user intent

This one may seem quite obvious when we talk about SEO and driving relevant traffic. But, it’s crucial to organic success and believe it or not, can often be overlooked.

Especially for eCommerce sites, keyword mapping is essential to ensure you’re driving the correct traffic to the correct pages.

Intent is key.

Think about it, if you’re ranking highly for your core terms, but sending traffic to a piece of content which has previously been written as a blog or news article, you’re not going to see half as much return, with much lower conversion rates. This can also become quickly outdated or cause cannibalisation issues on-site if not approached correctly.

Therefore, as with any organic campaign, you should outline each page and what terms you want to drive there, to be able to measure success efficiently and improve over time.

2. Own your brand SERPs

Owning your brand on the SERPs is also very important when it comes to organic performance.

When potential consumer is searching for your brand, they’re highly likely to be aware of your business and what you have to offer already.

That being said, if someone searches for your brand and the SERP has a range of negative reviews or a limited presence online, it may have an adverse effect leading people to seek knowledge from elsewhere.

We can try and minimise this by optimising search results which are within our control or well-known resources on the web.

3. Implement product schema markup

No matter what product you offer, using schema is an excellent choice.

Product structured data allows you to provide a range of detailed product information to search engines, allowing them to piece together the data they need to produce a rich snippet within the SERPs.

Marking up some of the following features can help drive more qualified users on-site who know exactly what they’re approaching the site for, as well as your retail price or any offers you may have on individual products:

  • Price
  • Offer
  • Shipping Details
  • Pros and Cons
  • Reviews
  • Stock Availability
  • Image

4. Produce invaluable content

Content is often key to success for any website.

No matter what stage of the purchase journey you think they may be at.

We can use SEO to our advantage to create content aimed at specific users with a given search and intent.

This is not only important when you’re trying to encourage new users on site, or the vast amount of traffic is coming from returning users; it’s fundamental to continue to nurture all leads throughout the purchase journey.

Whether you’re optimising a blog, product page, category, or location page; providing content which is unique and the most valuable out on the internet is core to what your business should do.

You will need to offer something else that nobody else does.

Whether that’s unique product information to increase the conversion rate or content which allows the reader to learn more in their purchase journey than they could have found elsewhere online, they’ll remember your brand for who you are and they will keep coming back until they make a purchase, thus making your business more profitable.

5. Markup your reviews

As humans, there’s nothing we trust more than someone else’s experiences.

No matter whether you’re selling products online or services to your users, marking up your offering with aggregate rating schema can allow both search engines and users to gain greater insight from the SERPs.

For example, if you’re searching for a specific product online you have 1 or 2 organic listings above the fold, one of which shows a 4.8 out of 5-star rating which you can see straight away within the SERP and one has no markup at all.

It’s proven that we would be more likely to trust these websites and therefore encourage higher click-through rates and clicks on the site.

6. Utilise Google My Business

Google Business Profile is often forgotten about in the world of SEO.

If you’re a local business or can serve a local area, Google my business is an excellent way of driving additional traffic to your site.

It can be optimised similarly to your website and can be optimised at a great level of detail to ensure your product appears in the places featured snippets, or Google Maps (you’ll be surprised how many people actually search for products and services through Maps themselves!).

Therefore, optimising Google My Business and ensuring your tracking this correctly is an organic source of traffic is crucial to any local campaign. Driving more traffic to your site this way means you know that this traffic is well qualified, as you know those most local with a driven search intent are finding your site.

7. Build Online Authority

Building authority and off-site backlink profiles is something which you’ll have heard from SEOs thousands of times.

But how can that really help you increase your profitability online?

Authority doesn’t just secure your website as a thought leader, expert in your field, and trustworthy source for just a matter of months. Building authority through high-quality links and off-site presence can ensure your site is viewed as ‘an authority’ for years to come. Therefore, by helping to stabilise your rankings and show your expertise over a long period of time.

Your organic rankings will be in a good position, making it more difficult for competitors to quickly come and overtake your position, leading to more profitability in the long term.

8. Use SEO to Shape the User Journey

Improving profitability online can happen in a multitude of different ways whether you’re an e-commerce store selling products online or a B2B business offering bespoke services.

A great way to improve profitability can be to help lead your users into a different section of their buying journey, and SEO is a great way to do this. Again, as we know the search intent of your users landing on the site.

Having a central location housing a range of downloadable content on-site and having an email subscription list are both great ways of driving traffic not only to different channels but through different mediums too.

Doing so offers an opportunity to exchange great quality content with your users and receive a data capture to help you continue to nurture these leads throughout their journey. Whether you want to touch base with them again by email or reach them through different marketing channels, the options are there to increase touchpoints and thus, profitability.

Let Our Team Help You Turn Your Website into a Profit Machine

These eight tips are very important but they are just the start. There are hundreds of ways that you can turn a website into a place that generates sales, leads, and ultimately, profit. Our SEO experts know what websites need to become more optimised and more profitable because we’ve been doing it for years across numerous industries.

If you’re interested in learning more about the tips and tricks from our experts at Embryo, get in touch with us today and we can help your business excel! Call us on 0161 327 2635 or email [email protected], alternatively, feel free to just click the contact button below.

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