Benefits of a multi-channel presence

At Embryo, one of the things we champion both internally within the way we operate but also externally with our clients is the benefits of multichannel marketing.

So what is multichannel marketing and why is it so beneficial to your business? 

What is multichannel marketing?

In a nutshell, multichannel marketing is where you create a strategy across multiple channels to target your audience. It is creating a presence where your audience is to ensure they are able to purchase your goods and services. For example, PPC and Social go hand in hand. Our web team create beautiful effective landing pages and both our PPC and Social teams work together to help generate your leads. Our PPC team focuses their ads on intent search-driven traffic to make sure you get in front of people who are actively searching for your services while our social team targets ads to an audience who may have previously disengaged with your website as well as new potential customers before they actively search for your product and services. They support each to make sure every possible avenue is covered. Apart, they produce incredible results but together, they create the ultimate lead generation campaign.

How can a multichannel presence help you?

Expand your reach

Using a single channel marketing strategy limits the number of customers you can attract. For example, if you are targeting your audience via news articles and interviews but are not leveraging this by shouting about it on social or creating long-form content on your site demonstrating your expertise within the industry you lose out on attracting double even triple the number of customers you could be if you attempted a multichannel approach.

In choosing a multichannel marketing presence you are widening the possibilities open to you. It allows you to deliver your key messages to customers by meeting them where they are so they can make their purchases the way they want to.

Increase sales and revenue

Have a financial goal you want to by the end of the next quarter? By instigating a multichannel marketing presence you will reach those goals faster than you would have previously anticipated. A multichannel marketing campaign generates 24% more your return on investment than if you conducted a single-channel campaign.

Through creating a multichannel marketing presence you are able to be with the customer at every part of their buying journey. Thanks to the messy middle we know customers do not simply find what they are looking for and make a purchase. They explore and evaluate their options before pulling the trigger and making a purchase. A multichannel presence enables you to find the right moment to engage with your customers which will increase your sales and revenue.

Increased frequency

The more places you are the more likely your customer will come across your business and interact with your brand. Not only will this increase brand awareness, it will also increase your business’s conversion rates in the future.

Integrated strategy

Designing a cohesive and integrated multichannel marketing strategy where you share a similar message on all platforms helps create a higher demand for your products while also increasing your brand awareness and conversion rates. For example, if you only promoted your latest offers on Instagram for example but failed to do so via email you will find it difficult to gain loyal customers. An integrated strategy enables you to create a unified message across all your platforms.

Gains competitive advantage

The online space is endless with so many platforms and websites it is very easy for potential customers to come across one of your competitors while doing their research. If you stick to a single-channel marketing approach you will fail to harness the opportunities and benefits of having an online space.

In creating a multichannel approach you gain an advantage against your competitors. Discover where they are not and put your business there. For example, if a business isn’t creating long-form optimised content, doing so will improve your site’s visibility putting you ahead of the curve. Doing this while also having a social and PPC strategy in place will put you in the best possible position to secure the lead and gain new customers.

Improves customers trust

Have you ever googled a company and realised something is missing? They don’t have a social media page or a newsletter? With the number of online scams out there, it can really deter you from making a purchase creating distrust with the business.

In having multiple platforms and strategies in place, generating a collective message customers will form a trust and loyalty to the business which should not go unnoticed. It allows you to engage with them and create valuable content demonstrating you are leaders in your industry.

and this is only the beginning. As a business operating in 2022, you really cannot afford to be one dimensional. Creating a multichannel marketing presence is the only way to ensure survival.

Interested in learning more about multichannel strategies?

Contact us today and a member of our sales team will be on hand to discuss with you the beauty of multichannel marketing presence and the difference it will make to your business.





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