How to use AI to speed up SEO strategy creation

AI is a powerful tool that helps us in a variety of ways, it’s impossible to name them all. But what we can tell you is how to use AI to speed up SEO strategy creation!

The world of marketing waits for no one and with its demanding pace, speeding up your SEO strategy creation might just be the helping hand you need. AI tools for SEO help move your SEO strategy forward, performing the time-consuming (but crucial) tasks for you.

Despite AI being around for a while, SEO experts are now just understanding how it can work alongside them to create a robust strategy (at speed and scale).

We’re here to break down the AI and SEO relationship and delve into this hype.

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Why you should use AI

So, why should you use AI in your SEO strategy creation? Well for starters, it saves you a lot of time. AI is not a replacement, it’s a support, and it should go hand in hand with you.

Missed opportunities can be discovered by AI as it’s becoming more and more humanised in its programming. Pairing the human eye with the software analysis of AI means you’re more likely to spot things that may have otherwise gone under the radar.

Aligning your strategy with both user-focused content and search engine algorithms gives you the best of both worlds- AI can give you the data to make this happen. All in all, it simply adds the positives of efficiency, accuracy and speed without replacing the SEO experts.

The three main ways AI can help your SEO strategy creation

There are quite a few ways that you can reap the benefits of AI for creating your strategy. Let’s delve right into them!

1. Keyword research

AI-powered tools can uncover vast amounts of data for your keyword research, helping you form your SEO strategy with accurate insights. Keyword research tools tend to be powered by AI, collecting data such as search intent and search volume.

The ‘finding’ process can be made much easier through AI-powered tools, and they can additionally analyse these seed keywords. Within your strategy creation, AI can help solidify your keyword ideas and help you produce even more with an algorithm that listens to its users and has become more conversational.

To help with your strategy, you can also ask an AI tool like ChatGPT to categorise keywords based on their position in the search journey. This information helps you plan out your strategy and lets you pinpoint where to optimise.

2. Content generation

Finding ideas for content around your topic can be time-consuming and often tricky, especially if it’s within an unfamiliar industry. AI-powered tools can help you create ideas for content creation so you can get stuck into the writing process rather than going in circles with your research.

The generation of ideas also helps with topic clustering by giving you niche sub-topics to consider in your SEO strategy and content creation planning. These ideas can in turn establish your authority on the web, leading to higher rankings and a successful SEO strategy.

3. Schema Markup creation

Schema makeup is structured data (or code) that provides search engines with additional context about your page’s content so it provides richer results in the SERPs. AI can create this schema data for you, forming templates that make the editing process a lot easier for you.

Are there any downsides? Yes, three to be specific

While this is all well and good, you may be wondering, what are the downsides of AI? Well, worry no longer as we’re going to break down the potential risks and how to avoid them.

Overreliance AI tools are only as knowledgeable as their data, so there’s a risk of them regurgitating misinformation that has wrongly been input into their algorithm. This is evident in the warning ChatGPT gives itself- ‘ChatGPT can make mistakes. Consider checking important information.’
Lack of originality A lack of originality is what overreliance can lead to. If everyone utilises the same AI tools too much, then what is original anymore? This runs the risk of duplicate content and the search engine being saturated with useless content.

Additionally, human marketers have the creativity and flare that AI lacks. However, if you’re just using AI tools for creating an SEO strategy rather than performing the strategy itself (such as writing the content), then that avoids this risk.

Changing algorithms Just like the world of marketing, algorithms are forever changing. AI tools may not adapt in alignment with changes in SEO, so to avoid this risk, monitoring is essential- you can re-optimise content if you notice any elements that don’t align with changes in either algorithm or SEO ranking factors.

How we can help…

At Embryo, our holistic approach uses AI-powered tools to create an in-depth, effective SEO strategy for your brand. Take a look at our success stories to see how our strategies have played out for our clients.

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