6 Of The Best Content Marketing Examples

From snappy social media posts to informative long-form blogs, the team at Embryo have put together some of our favourite content marketing examples. 

As content marketing specialists, we are always on the lookout for content that stands out from the crowd. With the rise of digital platforms and businesses expanding on a global scale, staying competitive while continuing to build a loyal customer base can be a challenge (to say the least). The answer: strategic content marketing. 

We all have that one brand or business that’s caught our eye. Maybe you stumbled across a striking image or were tickled by a witty tweet. Although that post may have seemed effortless, a lot of thought has gone into devising a strategy that can keep that brand at the forefront of its customers’ minds (or feed).

Every type of business can benefit from content marketing. Whether you’re operating on an international scale or are just starting out, we can help! Build brand awareness, boost your SEO efforts, and drive customer engagement with Embryo.

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Our Top Content Marketing Examples:

  1. The Manc – Instagram posts
  2. TALA – Short-form Tik Tok posts
  3. Embryo – Long-form blog content
  4. Spotify – User-centric content marketing
  5. Shopify – Podcasts
  6. AirBNB – Targeted email guides

The Manc – The Hub for All Things Manchester

As a Manchester-based agency, it would be wrong not to pick a local business. And this one never fails to entertain. The Manc is a popular social media publisher with a following of over one and a half million. With a focus on community building, this local news publisher takes an audience-first approach to their Instagram, sharing everything from the latest food deals to upcoming events and show-stopping photographs taken by the people of Manchester. 

Why We Love Their Content:

  • It’s digestible, light-hearted, and informative
  • It leverages the power of social media to connect people across Manchester
  • It provides a platform for local businesses
  • The user-generated content helps to drive community engagement

TALA – Making Sustainable Activewear a Lifestyle

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in driving growth for eCommerce websites. But with such a competitive and busy marketplace, making any kind of noise can be tricky. 

For us, TALA is a fashion brand that hits the nail on the head. Selling sustainable and affordable activewear, it needs to slot seamlessly into the everyday lives of its target audience. And it does this well. Utilising Tik Tok as a short-form platform, its clever storytelling and educational content have transformed the brand into a lifestyle (not just a company that sells leggings).  

Why We Love Their Content:

  • It’s authentic and relatable
  • It leverages a popular social media platform (used by its target audience) to create a memorable brand presence
  • Use of Trends to remain relevant 
  • Utilising entertaining and shareable content to expand its reach

Embryo – The Masters of Expert-Led Content

While we’re on the subject, it would be rude not to mention our own company! As a leading, search-first marketing agency, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about creating content that performs. On our website, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources – from client success stories to comprehensive guides and all the latest in the world of marketing. 

Not just your bog-standard blog, we have created a central hub for expert-led insights that utilise the power of long-form content. 

The Purpose behind Our Approach to Content:

  • It’s well-optimised and informative (naturally)
  • It showcases our industry expertise and position as a thought leader
  • It creates the perfect case study for how content acts as a vehicle for driving organic performance

Spotify – Giving Customers the Control

Spotify markets itself as a digital music service for everyone, and the Spotify Wrapped campaign captures this perfectly. 

As a highly anticipated feature, users look forward to discovering their personalised playlist at the end of each year. They then have the option to share their most listened-to songs on social media. This is a clever tactic that creates an emotional connection through nostalgia and drives engagement, building a loyal following of music enthusiasts.  

Why We Love Their Content:

  • It’s shareable and relatable
  • It showcases an innovative, user-centric approach to content marketing
  • It creates a personalised experience for users
  • Its viral potential organically boosts brand awareness 

Shopify – The Power of the Podcast

Effective content marketing doesn’t have to be in a text format. In fact, podcasts have rapidly risen in popularity, enabling brands to tap into a growing audience of audio content consumers. As a channel, it is convenient, multi-tasking friendly, and provides opportunities for collaboration – everything the modern consumer is looking for. 

Shopify’s ‘Thank God it’s Monday’ podcast is one of our favourites. It serves its purpose perfectly: providing actionable and inspiring content for ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners (the brand’s ideal audience). Each episode offers a deep dive into various topics related to entrepreneurship, business growth, personal challenges, and more. Through the medium of discussion, it fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals, while also promoting Shopify as the go-to eCommerce platform for businesses

Why We Love Their Content:

  • It perfectly balances educational and entertaining content
  • Its practical advice has become a reference tool for starting and scaling businesses
  • The podcast is easily accessible on popular platforms (becoming part of its audience’s daily routine)
  • It features successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders within the space

Airbnb – Taking Travel Guides to the Next Level

Let’s talk about targeted emails. Nowadays, customers want relevant information and recommendations. And they want them now. This marketing channel enables businesses to tailor their messaging based on data-driven insights. 

One of the best examples of this is AirBNB’s tailored travel guides. As a digital marketplace for hospitality services, its long-term success is heavily reliant on creating content that inspires. The travel guide is an example of content marketing that has been used time and time again to bring a brand’s offering to life and build credibility. It works, but how can businesses distinguish themselves from the rest? 

By analysing user data, such as previous bookings and saved listings, Airbnb is able to create personalised guides that cater to specific needs and preferences. Oh, and they are conveniently sent directly to the customer. As opposed to a generic blog post, this approach can be more successful in capturing the audience’s attention and encouraging conversion. 

Why We Love Their Content:

  • It’s practical and unique
  • Customised content is more likely to resonate with the user
  • Timely information and new updates foster long-term engagement
  • It seamlessly integrates with the booking process for an easy user experience
  • It incorporates visually-appealing assets, such as imagery and multimedia elements

Great Content Marketing Is a Game Changer

And there we have it, some of our top content picks that demonstrate just how versatile and effective this marketing channel can be. As you can see, there’s an endless variety of forms available and each brings its own set of advantages. 

But identifying which will work well for your own business can be tricky. That’s where we come in. Our team of experts support the growth of businesses across multiple industries, with tailored content marketing strategies that leverage valuable SEO insights and align with your wider goals. 

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