The best of the best: 10 SEO experts from around the world that should get your follow

SEO is one of the most important fields in digital marketing. While important, it’s also forever changing. At times of uncertainty, sometimes you’ve just got to listen to the experts. It’s no denying that they often know best. An expert perspective can help take your SEO knowledge to great levels, allowing new ideas to spring to mind and perhaps challenging pre-existing beliefs.

Experts have jumped on the social media bandwagon and with stronger online presences than ever before, it’s so easy to drop a follow and enter their minds. From Linkedin to Facebook, you can follow their thoughts on latest updates and see their opinions on all things SEO.

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Drop a follow: The top ten listed

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Below, we uncover some of the top SEO experts from around the world, giving you a solid list of ten to get you started. Let’s take a look at who’s listed so you can go ahead and follow.

Barry Schwartz

As the CEO and founder of RustyBrick, Barry Schwartz has had his fair share of experience in the industry. He regularly voices his perspectives on various SEO issues as the executive editor or Search Engine Land and Search Engine Roundtable. With experience that spans over 25 years, he is a strong voice to trust.

Neil Patel

With his own blog receiving over a million visitors per month, Neil Patel is constantly providing readers with expert insights and latest SEO thoughts. He’s also an active voice on YouTube, reaching a current following of 1.26 million! It’s clear that users trust him in regards to all things SEO.

Lily Ray

At Amsive Digital, Lily Ray is the SEO director. With audiences on Twitter and Linkedin, she’s a renowned SEO professional. Her knowledge is worth paying attention to, as she’s used SEO expertise to optimise well-known brands such as AAA and Wayfair.

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the most successful and prominent names within SEO and digital marketing as a whole. He has an online presence on virtually every social media, so it’s very easy to see what he’s saying about SEO. You can also view his own website which boasts expert blogs about the latest digital marketing developments and shows statistics that perfectly sum up his levels of success.

Aleyda Solis

As an award winning international SEO, Aleyda Solis’ expertise is undeniable. Her advice is something to pay attention to, as plenty of well known brands also trust it. She’s written blogs for trusted SEO sites such as Moz and Search Engine Land, and runs SEOFOMO– her newsletters target everything she’d want to know personally as an SEO expert.

Brian Dean

Founder of Backlinko LLC, Brian Dean prioritises providing actionable SEO advice that achieves from real-world results. He helps the audience understand what otherwise may seem like complicated concepts so they too can utilise them to their advantage. Another great thing about Backlinko is that it teaches the lessons that Brain Dean has learnt from his own mistakes, so you know that his advice is accurate as well as personal.

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan works for Google so has the inner view to educate the public about all things search. On his own personal blog, he voices his perspectives on all things SEO. By teaching the public about anything to do with Google search, this establishes him as a trustworthy voice to listen to.

Marie Haynes

With Google search constantly changing, especially with the introduction of AI, Marie Haynes is someone to listen to who understands this change. Her newsletter ‘Search News You Can Use’ highlights important changes and helps professionals keep up to date with the latest developments. You can tell that Marie is dedicated to learning all she can about recent SEO changes.

Jes Scholz

Jes Scholz describes herself as an ‘organic marketing consultant and SEO futurist’, and her strategies have focused on things like entities or technical data-driven marketing. She even won SEO world champion in the 2022 SEOktober fest. With plenty experience at events as a public speaker, she is used to educating people about anything SEO related.

Cindy Krum

Last, but certainly not least, is Cindy Krum. As the founder and CEO of MobileMoxie, she follows and anticipates the latest changes in Google and voices her opinions. She’s certainly an active member of the digital marketing community, so you’re guaranteed her latest opinions in the marketing sphere. She specialises in mobile SEO and is widely trusted by many publications and the community.

To be an expert, listen to the experts

And that’s a wrap! There you have ten of the best voices in SEO that you should certainly listen to. After all, a great way to develop your own expertise is to listen to those that know best. You can learn a lot from other people. To be an expert in the SEO field, you can’t just ignore the latest news around you. By following these knowledgeable voices, you gain access to new perspectives on recent developments.

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