Four Signs You’ll Know You’ve Chosen The Right PPC Agency

Since its inception, PPC has proven to be an effective marketing strategy that businesses of any size can utilise. The development of PPC platforms have meant marketers can can measure the quality of their leads, and even test aspects of their campaign to see what works.

Some companies even choose to outsource their PPC marketing to a specialist agency. Outsourcing PPC helps save valuable time, which businesses can then use to spend developing their products and services.

But, finding the right agency for your business can be a chore in itself. That’s why we’ve highlighted four signs you’ll know you’ve found the right PPC agency – read on to find out what you should look for when outsourcing your PPC.

They won’t sell you a dream

Many marketing agencies will fall into the trap of overpromising their clients and then subsequently, underdelivering results. Initially, you may put a lot of trust in agencies like this – because the likelihood of customer growth and lead generation seems high.

But, when the results are less impressive then you expected, you’ll probably lose faith in them and wonder if the money you’ve spent was worth it. Which is why you’ll know you’ve found the right agency if they:

  • Are honest about the results they can deliver
  • Tell you what works and what doesn’t
  • Make the best use of your money

They’ll have case studies to support their work

When picking an agency to outsource your work, it’s best to look for one that has vast experience in running PPC campaigns. One sign an agency has expertise and is credible within the PPC landscape is if they have a variety of case studies.

Case studies showcase how a PPC agency has worked alongside a business to attain their marketing goals. Look for case studies on an agency website that demonstrates how:

  • The agency has worked with and understood a client brief
  • What aims the agency has set prior to campaign launches
  • What results the agency has achieved post-campaign

They’ll set the right objectives

Another sign that you’ve chosen the right agency to manage PPC, is that they’ll set the right objectives for your campaigns. Of course, most businesses will want to achieve several goals at once.

But, the right agency will prioritise specific aims within each campaign, so they can really focus on different aspects of PPC to get the best results. For example, if generating quality leads is your biggest priority, the right agency will concentrate on:

Their reporting will be in-depth and insightful

Reporting can feel like a task in any marketing campaign. But it’s incredibly important as it showcases what went well. It also justifies the efforts of the agency and highlights that they’re spending your retainer to meet your business goals.

But, simple stats aren’t an indication of thorough tracking and monitoring. Reporting should provide valuable insights that help inform your next campaign, so you can learn and improve. For example, key metrics might include:

  • The number of clicks and impressions – to showcase how many people have seen your ads
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – as it affects your return on investment
  • Click-through-rate (CTR) – so you can see how much customer engagement your ads are driving

They’ll understand your audience

One sign of a good PPC agency is if they take the time to understand your audience. With your ads, you’ll want your audience to be existing and potential customers of your business.

But, if an agency doesn’t understand your demographic, they might use the wrong platforms and therefore get disappointing results. An experienced agency will therefore:

  • Get to know the traits of your audience – such as age, gender, location
  • Understand the platforms your audience uses – for example, if they’re younger they might mostly use TikTok
  • Consider what queries they might make – so they can inform their keyword research

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Who should use PPC marketing?

Any business can benefit from PPC marketing. Not only can you see tangible results instantly and track your progress, but you can also can run campaigns across multiple channels. So if you have a large audience of all ages, you can target them on the social platforms and search engines they use the most.

Does PPC work for small businesses?

Yes, PPC can work for a small business. Of course, this depends on the company’s products and services. But generally, if you have a strong strategy and run high-quality ads, you could attract new customers and drive conversions to your website.

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