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The demand generation PPC agency doing things differently

Catch more than just your customers’ attention. Drive their decision-making. Make your brand the only place they can think of clicking – and watch your revenue grow.

That’s demand generation marketing from Embryo.

Our strategies focus on getting real results, not just baseline metrics such as traffic generation or spend management.

Our PPC agency has a reputation for improving conversions, boosting qualified leads, and accelerating business growth.

Whether you’re setting up a demand generation program for the first time or need an expert touch to help you improve an existing one, turn to us.

Accelerate your business growth with demand generation

In a game of leads, we’re all about top quality and high quantity.

With demand generation marketing, we can get you seen by the right people, at the right time, on the right platforms.

That means increasing brand awareness and visibility in the places that matter most for your audiences, growing your customer base, and garnering clicks in ways that just make sense.

Our tried, tested and trusted approach puts revenue first.

By combining our leading proprietary tools with the expertise of our team, we don’t just move the needle, but launch it.

Our strategists take the time to understand your business, getting a full sense of the industry and buyer intent – so we know what makes people tick and, ultimately, click.

With plenty of experience across both B2B and B2C demand generation techniques, we create campaigns that support your goals and projections within your business. That means your sales team aren’t stuck waiting by the phones – they’re ringing off the hook.

Our Clients

From big names to fierce independents, we’ve partnered with some of the best in the business.

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Why choose PPC for demand generation?

In a nutshell, demand generation is a marketing strategy that drives awareness and brings customers to your door – both online and in real life.

The main goal is to create a dependable pipeline that:

  1. Grows your audience
  2. Gets people clicking and converting

So, how do we do this?

A demand generation agency gives you instant access to experienced specialists who will create a bespoke strategy for your needs. This means creating a sales funnel from scratch – or optimising an existing one.

We’ll help you identify and clarify potential prospects based on behavioural data, before guiding them through a process that passes them to your sales team.

The result? High-quality, lucrative leads that make all the difference.

Whether you’re generating the interest of potential buyers or upselling to existing customers, demand generation encompasses all your marketing and sales initiatives.

need for demand generation

Why would I need demand generation marketing?

  • I want to reach fresh markets and start shouting about our products
  • I want to outperform my competitors and boost market share
  • I need to streamline marketing efforts and support my internal sales team

Demand generation marketing does all this and more. It targets ideal buyers and grows their awareness, increasing quality leads that not only meet goals but exceed them.

Our demand generation strategies for measurable results

No two businesses are the same. So, why would our strategies be?

To help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns, we use a mix of display ads and targeted advertising. This will ensure your audience not only sees your brand but sits up, listens, and, more importantly, clicks.

Our two-pronged approach

  • Display ads

    Display ads show up when your audience is surfing the web. Designed to create awareness and visual impact, they can stoke brand awareness and actively get customers to stop, switch, and click.

  • Targeted advertising campaigns

    Targeted PPC ads appear when your audience is actively searching. They are proven to have a quicker ROI, perfect for our revenue-led strategies, but can be used as part of a wider campaign for impressive results.

  • The Insurance Octopus Landing Page

    The Insurance Octopus

    Generating 20,000 New Customers through an Award-Winning PPC Strategy

    • 24,590

      Leads at a cost per lead of £48

    • 22%

      Increase in market share

    • 32%

      Conversion rate of leads to sales

demand gen

PPC and Paid Social services: Some things are better together

We’re far from a one-trick agency.

With a wealth of in-house experience, we offer our clients dynamic cross-channel strategies – pulling in Paid Social for campaigns that target your audience wherever they are on the internet. They may appear different, but PPC and Paid Social are a match made in heaven.

Using deep-set data across multiple platforms, we can help you find fresh insights into your customer base, actively improving your targeting and saving your budget.

It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

Take a look at our case studies and see for yourself.

Why choose Embryo?

If your campaigns aren’t revenue-led, then what are they doing?

Our approach finds those little-known opportunities and turns them into big wins, using innovative tools and techniques to delve deeper. Whether that’s into consumer behaviour, untapped markets, or existing campaigns, we know what it takes to create attainable and scalable growth.

So, has your interest been generated?

quote left

Paid marketing channels are crucial to The Range’s online success so finding an agency that understood that and would have the tools in place to take it to a new level was critical. Not only are Embryo incredibly innovative and knowledgeable, but they used all that to tell a story about how their interpretation of PPC and paid social would be ideal for The Range.

Jamie Messham, Chief Financial Officer, The Range