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The Insurance Octopus

The Insurance Octopus (TIO) is part of the Verastar group and operates as a leading commercial insurance broker.

The campaigns we have produced for TIO have been recognised as the best in the UK and due to their high-performing success, has led to TIO being a long-standing client of ours.

The Brief

Generate High-Quality Leads

Offering insurance to a wide range of industries, TIO wanted to use PPC to target businesses searching for insurance services and drive leads for their sales team.

As well as driving a high volume of leads, our team were tasked with driving high-quality leads to increase the conversion rate.

The Insurance Octopus Landing Page

Our Approach

A Custom Script for Tailored Targeting

To target the wide audience of vast industries, our team created structured search campaigns that were made up of nearly 3,000 ad groups. We then scaled the campaign using WordPress’ landing page builder to create hundreds of tailored landing pages that focused on the different users and their needs.

These landing pages led to a 25% click to lead conversion rate and a 30% lead to sale conversion rate.

By inputting specific assets and leveraging Google’s machine learning along with past user data we ensured our ads reached the most relevant audience. By adopting this strategy we confidently spoke to thousands of specific sectors that had high purchase intent or were searching for business insurance.

The sheer scale of this campaign meant our team utilised their creativity and innovation to produce a cutting-edge script which streamlined the process of creating 3,000 ad groups. Thus saving TIO a two month lead time and over £40,000 in fees.

  • 24,590


  • 24.6%

    Conversion Rate of Clicks to Leads

  • 32%

    Conversion Rate of Leads to Sales

Embryo's UK Search Award for The Insurance Octopus

An Award-Winning Campaign

Our work for TIO has been recognised as the best in the UK. Most recently winning Best Use of PPC B2B at the 2023 UK Search Awards. Judges from the awards stated:

Embryo’s approach has resulted in an innovative strategy that not only suits the client’s objective but is sustainable. Their integration of offline tracking to evaluate sales over mere lead generation highlights Embryo’s forward-thinking and resourceful approach.

Our innovative approach to PPC generates exceptional results that lead to extraordinary growth.

Curious about the impact our strategies could have on your business? Then get in touch with our team.

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The team at Embryo is a joy to work with. They understand what we want to achieve as a business, their level of service is excellent, and they are constantly analysing metrics and data to ensure that together we overachieve in the performance of campaigns. They have become a natural extension of my marketing department and I look forward to what the future brings.

Dan Walmsley, The Insurance Octopus


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