Creating Messy Middle Content To Drive 55,000+ People To Tablites’ Site


Who are Tablites?

Tablites are one of the UK’s leading vape stores and offer a comprehensive range of vapes, vape kits, e-liquids, as well as much more. Since being founded in 2011 they have grown both their online and physical presence with stores up and down the country.

The Brief

Maintain eCommerce Success With an Organic Strategy

Our relationship with Tablites began back in the middle of 2022, they came to us wanting to capitalise on the online success they’d enjoyed during Covid.

During this period their online sales spiked to around £150,000 a month but dipped again to around £50,000 as normal life resumed. They now wanted an agency that was going to help them get near those previous peaks of online sales. Rightly, however, Tablites were cautious about working with another agency having previously had poor experiences and levels of communication. 

The main challenge in this brief was the nature of the industry in which Tablites operated. Being a vape store, they are prohibited from leveraging paid channels such as PPC and Paid Social by Google and social media companies. Therefore, the only key to any future online success for Tablites would be via organic channels.

Having spoken to several agencies, it was one of our proprietary pieces of technology, Intermingle, that breaks down the SERPs for dozens of keywords, which made Tablites choose Embryo.

Our goal? To help them scale their online presence and achieve consistent monthly sales around the £100,000 mark.

Our Approach

Combining Content Creation with 5-Star Core Web Vitals

Despite being limited in respect of the channels we could leverage, this did not mean that the opportunity to succeed had been too, after all, content marketing is one of the things we do best here at Embryo.

Firstly, we spoke to Tablites to gain a greater understanding of their product range, selling model, and which areas of their site they wanted people to go to once they had found their brand. This initial stage sets the tone for the rest of the SEO and content marketing campaign and ensures the work we do is going to be effective.

We used Intermingle to assess the make-up of search engine results pages for keywords that related to products Tablites wanted to push. This would inform the type of content that we’d create for each keyword.

Another key focus for us, alongside writing content, was ensuring that Tablites’ website was as optimised and as lightweight as it could be. Core Web Vitals tests were run and then our technical SEO team began prioritising which parts of the website needed work to improve this score, which is an important ranking factor for Google.

  • 74.09%

    Increase (31,676 vs 55,145) in new organic users from Q1 23 to Q4 22

  • 199

    Keywords in positions 1-3, up from 85, a 134% increase

  • 176%

    Increase in clicks YoY (26.2k vs 72.6k)

Organic Strategy

Creating Content That Educates and Increases Revenue

To Target as Many Customers as Possible We Knew Our Organic Strategy Needed to Be Two Things – Holistic and Educational

With Tablites wanting to maximise sales it was important we created content that spoke to customers across all stages of the sales funnel – this included people who knew what they wanted and those who required educating before making a purchase.

Our tech SEO team went about creating comprehensive keyword research that included long and short-tail keywords with different intents and desires. Then, our content writers got to work creating fresh, ontologically relevant content for important product pages and for brand-new guides that helped to educate those in the top and middle of the sales funnel (colloquially known as TOF and MOF) about various aspects of vaping.

The theory behind content that speaks to those TOF and MOF audiences is that you build trust with them by educating them. Then, when the time comes to purchase, your brand is at the forefront of their mind, and the one they buy from, hopefully, because they trust you because you’re the company that educated them.

Our content strategy was all about capturing the attention of users in what Google calls The Messy Middle – the period in which a customer evaluates and explores their options before making a purchase decision.

To do this we wrote pieces of content such as:

  • Best Vapes to Quit Smoking
  • Guide to E-Liquid
  • Best Starter Vapes of 2023

We backed up this highly optimised, targeted content, with a thorough internal linking strategy that ensured the product pages (the ones that would earn the revenue) were found and earned the rankings they deserve. We made sure that any guide-style content we created would link to the product pages that they relate to. What this does is create a pyramid of sorts with the main product page at the tip, followed by multiple guides, blogs, and pages that relate to it.

What this pyramid tells Google is that Tablites is selling a product that it knows a lot about and has demonstrated that it fulfils the E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust) criteria that the search engine uses to determine quality content and thus, deserves a higher ranking than a competitor who hasn’t attempted to educate customers.

Client Testimonial

What the Client Said

Embryo was the only agency which offered something new in their approach. Their wide-ranging content plan was anchored to the sales funnel and as a result, we felt extremely confident that they were the perfect agency to increase our online sales. On top of that, their communication with our team was stellar, we always knew what Embryo was working on and were always consulted before big decisions or strategies were put in place.

Jonathan Greenfield, Managing Director, Tablites

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