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Innovative PPC Campaigns That Made Mattressman £9.5m in one year


Who are Mattressman?

Mattressman is a leading E-commerce business selling mattresses and other bedroom furniture. Mattressman looks to offer more affordable bedding solutions to people priced out by the more expensive brands.

The Brief

Use Diverse Product Ranges and New Audiences To Maintain Revenue

During Covid, Mattressman briefly deviated from its namesake products and diversified its product portfolio, a decision which was phased out as we returned to normal life.

These additional checkouts made Mattressman an impressive £4,912,307 in revenue in 2022, in total, so the goal of this campaign was to maintain this level of income through products associated with Mattressman.

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Our Approach

Blending Targeting and Remarketing to Capture Users Throughout the Funnel

Our strategy was based on the need to expand the target audience to new customers while remarketing to existing ones.

We moved a portion of ad spending to ‘ghost’ products that Performance Max campaigns were ignoring which increased the visibility of products with high-profit margins and greater purchase frequency.

Customer match lists were used to target new customers and returning ones with bespoke messaging and assets that appealed to differing intents.

The second half of our strategy involved targeting top-of-funnel audiences with assets across Search and YouTube to grow Mattressman’s brand.

Finally, we put a great deal of focus and emphasis on optimising the Shopping feed including refreshing product titles and descriptions that allowed Mattressman to jump on seasonal search trends.

  • £9,580,867

    Revenue between Oct 2022 - Sept 2023

  • 45,062

    Conversions between Oct 2022 - Sept 2023

  • 61%

    Revenue increase Aug - Oct 2022 vs Aug - Oct 2023

Our PPC Strategy Implementation

Segmenting Audiences and Creating PPC Ads That Appeal

We increased return on ad spend by using PMax to advertise Mattressman’s diverse product range and invested other portions of the budget into ‘ghost products’ that had higher profit margins.

We began by inputting data into our PMax audience signals which fed Google’s algorithms the most comprehensive and accurate data about Mattressman’s buyers.

The creation of new unique asset groups was also used to target people beyond Mattressman’s existing data set and was combined with value proposition content that intended to inspire purchases from new customers.

Optimising the Shopping Feed involved refreshing product titles and growing the descriptions of said goods to include keywords that reflected seasonal trends. This kept the cost per click the same while also making the products more visible to a wider audience.

From a reporting perspective, we moved Mattressman over to GA4 and discovered a great deal of unreported revenue which we now report in one figure, along with the existing revenue.

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