Using Advanced Meta Ad Strategies to Generate £717,550 in Revenue


Bluefin, a premier SUP board supplier

Bluefin is a leading retailer of SUPs (stand-up paddle boards) and accessories. They came to Embryo in March 2023 looking for fresh ideas to get more from their paid social marketing campaigns and to grow their business.

The Brief

Grow awareness of SUPs, increase average order value, and target users throughout the sales funnel

Whilst Bluefin’s sales were strong, the average order value (AOV) was low so they wanted to target consumers who were higher spenders.

As well as increasing AOV, Bluefin wanted to develop its brand awareness to ‘feed’ the sales funnel amidst the headwinds of an industry that’s becoming increasingly niche.

Our Approach

Using deep insights and years of Meta experience to maximise profitability

Immediately, we shifted our focus to higher spending audiences with tailored ads featuring high-value products such as the stand-up boards (SUPs) themselves.

To expand Bluefin’s audience we took their brand abroad to Germany and the USA, both of which, thanks to our deeper insights, were identified as large markets.

Using Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, we targeted people in these countries who expressed an interest in watersports.

Bluefin’s industry is a niche one but with huge potential, provided audiences are shown the fun that can be had.

To unlock this potential, content that educated, and brought the world of stand-up paddle boarding to audiences, was needed.

Our design team created tailored adverts which led users to bespoke landing pages that featured educational SUP board content.

For example, ads targeting users who weren’t ready to purchase and instead looking for more information on SUPs were taken to informational pages.

For those users who were looking to purchase we launched ads which took them to product pages and used copy such as ‘buy now’ to instigate purchases.

One area that Bluefin were not accustomed to was email marketing, however, our deep curiosity meant that our team were able to advise Bluefin on creating their own email marketing campaigns. The data from this was used by our social team to create lookalike audiences.

Everything our Paid Social team did was based on data. We utilised data to make deeper insights into campaigns. For instance, the data told us that different assets performed across countries in different ways, we fed this data back to Bluefin’s designers who created alternative assets to cater to audiences.

All of this insight helped Bluefin and our Paid Social team maximise ad performance, and thus profitability.

  • 34%

    Increase in revenue (£717,550.12 Apr-Dec 2023 vs £535,479.04 Apr-Dec 2022)

  • £379.05

    Average order value (a +1358% increase, up from £26)

  • 37%

    Reduction in spend (£139,863.53 in 2023 compared to £223,179.40 in 2022)

  • 5.3

    Average ROAS


Work that earns revenue and industry recognition

Our work for Bluefin has been recognised as one of the best in the UK. Recently, it won Best Use of Facebook/Instagram ads at the 2024 UK Paid Media Awards.

Expand internationally, increase average revenue, reduce costs.

Whatever your business goals are, our marketing solutions can help you achieve them. Whether its Meta ads across Facebook and Instagram, rich SEO campaigns, dynamic PPC campaigns, or a combination of all that, Embryo’s deeper insights can help.

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The team at Embryo is a joy to work with. They understand what we want to achieve as a business, their level of service is excellent, and they are constantly analysing metrics and data to ensure that together we overachieve in the performance of campaigns. They have become a natural extension of my marketing department and I look forward to what the future brings.

Dan Walmsley, The Insurance Octopus


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