Do You Need a Paid Media Agency? 5 Things to Consider

In a world where the price of everything has increased, you may ask if a paid media agency is worth the cost.

Look, we get it.

When looking for ways to cut costs is an everyday conversation, trying to convince those at the top that this expense is worth it isn’t easy – especially when they say it’s a ‘simple thing that can just be done in-house’.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog to give you all the information you need to present to decision-makers to show that paid media agencies are worth the cost.

Or, at least some are.

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Is a PPC or paid social agency really worth it?

The most important part of any agency and company relationship is the value they bring.

Companies don’t want to be spending thousands each month to see nothing in return.

However, paid media strategies take a lot more work than perhaps first thought. For example, have you considered:

  • Targetted keywords
  • The various platforms
  • Audience segmentation
  • Campaign goals – brand awareness, website views
  • The keywords you’re ranking for with Organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you believe your current agency isn’t considering these factors, it’s no surprise you’re questioning their value.

According to Callum Leonard, Head of PPC at Embryo, this is what working with a paid media agency should be like:

‘A specialised paid media agency will allow you to have the most up to date, industry experts working for your business.

‘Large advertising budgets require true experts that have already scaled brands similar to your own.

‘Past experience, large budget confidence, and detail to new Google features allows a paid media agency to separate you from your competitors.’

Paid Media Agency vs In-House: 5 Things to Consider

There are five factors you should bear in mind when considering if you should work with an agency or keep your paid media in-house.

1. Resource

It’s all well and good your manager telling you that your paid media can be done in-house, but if you don’t have the resources this can quickly go awry.

Especially if you have seasonal trends approaching for your sector, you want to ensure you have the time to get the most out of your paid media campaigns.

2. Cost

Nothing good comes for free and this is true of paid media.

We understand that businesses are always looking for ways to reduce outgoings, but have you considered that the price of an agency is likely far less than an in-house salary?

The return on investment (ROI) you could get from an agency that dedicates the time to getting the best from your campaigns is definitely worth the cost.

3. Expertise

On that thought, agencies hire some of the best brains in the business.

At least that’s what we do.

The years of experience our paid media has means they are experts in what they do. They can provide clear insights as to which strategy would work best for your desired results, rather than you trying and hoping for the best.

4. Agility

Digital marketing is always evolving.

If your paid media was being done in-house, would your staff have the resources to to stay on top of this?

As this is what a paid media agency does day in and day out, the team are on the pulse of industry changes and provide continuous campaign optimisation to ensure you get the best results possible.

5. A Continuous Helping Hand

With that in mind, perhaps the best part of working with an agency is exactly that.

You have a team that is dedicated to getting the best just for you. You can trust that if any problems occur, they are on-hand to solve it smoothly and quickly so your campaign can perform.

They can recommend the best strategies to help you stand out from competitors and ensure you see that essential ROI needed for business success.

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