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Here at Embryo, we believe in the importance of clear communication and transparency in our B2C and B2B relationships. With this in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to explain, step-by-step, how we’ll implement PPC into your business strategy in order to maximise your conversions and ROI.

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Step 1: Allow us to introduce ourselves

The first thing our PPC team does when potentially working with a new client is to organise an initial conversation – whether in person or over Teams, depending on your preference. This allows us to introduce ourselves, and most importantly for you to introduce yourselves. The goal at this stage is to learn a bit more about you and to understand what your business is and does so that we can work together on growing it to achieve your marketing goals and expansion ideals.

In order to help you it helps us to know which PPC strategies you may already have in place, as well as the current status of your website in terms of rankings and both paid and organic traffic. Once we know what you do well, we can work on enhancing that and identifying the areas where we can make some improvements in order to boost your brand identity and visibility.

Step 2: Diving in

The next thing we do once we know a little bit more about you is to conduct a deep dive into your business in order to learn what exactly your marketing budget is spent on, how much of that can be realistically used for PPC and how to maximise minimum expenditure on your end.

Here at Embryo we pride ourselves on being able to see what others don’t, and, as well as being good at it, we’re also competitive about it. That means that we leave no stone unturned in order to find what others may have missed. We then compare this with current PPC trends and the most up-to-date Google Ad statistics so that we know where you stand in your industry.

This rigorous study period of your sector as a whole allows us to identify the current market trends and the intent of your customers. From this data we can craft a campaign for your company that optimises these trends in order to make the most appealing ads for your target audience.

A large part of PPC is bidding on keywords that are the most likely to generate the highest ROI for your business. However, we’re aware that when it comes to selecting the keywords, you want a PPC specialist who’s going to advise you on how to invest your money well. That’s why we make sure that we have a full understanding of which keywords you want to be seen for, as well as the ones we suggest you target in order to get the most out of your PPC strategy.

Step 3: Is it too early to propose?

Once we’ve identified the areas that would benefit from PPC optimisation, we’ll present you with a deck to explain our strategy step-by-step so you can understand exactly how we’re going to help you transform your business model for the better.

This deck will include a step-by-step process that explains in detail how we put together a successful PPC campaign. This outlines our goals and strategies by month and by quarter and suggestions for how you can optimise your ad budget.

As a vital aspect of the PPC process, we’ll also present you with the results of our keyword research to influence your marketing decisions going forward.

Step 4: Welcoming you to Embryo

If you’re happy with everything we’ve presented you with, we’ll send you an official welcome to Embryo. We do this to demonstrate not only that we understand your purchase process when deciding who to hire for your company, but also how we can use our understanding of customer behaviour to your company’s profitable advantage.

Step 5: Explaining what exactly we’ll do now that you’re here

Once you’re on board, we want to make sure that you understand exactly how we’re going to help your company grow. One our best attributes for measuring your ad performance is MER.  Otherwise known as Marketing Efficiency Ratio, this metric shows you the impact your marketing is having on your business’s financial performance.

As well as MER we’ll also pay close attention to your ROAS (return on ad spend) and CPC (cost-per-click) to ensure that we can get you the best value from your ad budget through an optimised PPC campaign.

However, what sets MER apart from these other metrics is its unique ability to provide a single source of truth.

MER is measured by dividing the total revenue by the total advertising costs. This means that you’re able to see the total relationship between marketing investment and revenue, rather than looking at individual performance slots.

Once we’ve carried out rigorous research into your business so that we really do feel like we know you inside and out (and we hope you feel that way too!), we begin to build your campaign strategy. A significant part of this is identifying which keywords and terms to target with your ads.

Step 6: Launching the campaign

Once we’ve explained exactly how our PPC strategies will enhance your ad campaigns and marketing strategy, we’ll set everything in place so that you can start optimising your ads and profiting from your investment.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating compelling and relevant ad copy in order to optimise your budget and draw paid traffic to your site through aesthetic and emotive appeal.
  • Researching and bidding on the most advantageous keywords to determine what works for your website. This might mean targeting branded keywords in order to emphasise your brand identity, or adding negative keywords to your campaign or ad group in order to tell Google that you don’t want to rank for that word. This helps narrow down your target audience so that your impressions are more likely to become conversions.
  • Location targeting and exclusions to that your ads are hitting hardest in the places where they need to
  • Conversion tracking to monitor how clickable your ads are and determine how successful our campaign is. Once we know this information,  we can use this data to maintain the measures we’ve put in place, or to improve even further on your company’s PPC performance.

By tracking conversions offline, we can re-import Google ad-driven sales data into your account. This allows for automated sales attribution at all levels of a campaign. Our lead generation accounts can also use this advanced tracking to re-import revenue data, taking your PPC account from one that simply manages lead generation, to an e-commerce account which utilises bid strategies to maximise revenue rather than just leads.

We pride ourselves on using relevant timelines and forecasting tools in order to create reliable estimations of how your campaigns will succeed by reaching new audiences and reinvigorating older customers. This ensures that you can achieve a high ROI without overspending your budget.

Step 7: No rest for the wicked

After we’ve established a comprehensive PPC strategy for your company and ensured that your company is growing in the right direction, we offer the option of ongoing support in the form of a monthly maintenance package. This allows us to keep track of how your campaigns are performing and to make changes as and when they’re necessary in order to keep up with the digital marketing industry.

How we’ll help you grow

Our websites are built with speed, optimisation and responsiveness in mind from design to development. From site speed that loads in less than 2.5 seconds to multi-device responsiveness, we can help you tailor your brand to fit the ones you want to impress.

Not only are we here to help you optimise your campaigns, but we want to ensure that you continue to grow in order to maximise your visibility to give you, and your customers, the best possible service. With an average health score of a page one ranking website on Google at 91% or above, with us you know you’re in good hands.

If you want to talk to us about how we can help you optimise your PPC campaigns, get in touch here.

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