How Can Paid Social Influence Buyers in the Messy Middle?

As a marketing channel, Paid Social is so much more than just ads. It can help interact with buyers across their entire purchase journey. From the top of the funnel, where they are initially interested in a purchasing product right to the bottom where they are ready to purchase.

In this video, our Head of Paid Social Harriet Tuite succinctly explains how paid social influences a typical buyer’s journey as they navigate through the sales funnel and the Messy Middle.

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Hold on, What’s the Messy Middle?

The Messy Middle is a term coined by Google to describe the ever-increasingly complex journey that users go through when purchasing a product.

For years the assumption was that users went through various set stages before purchasing a product. However, in a world that is filled with more content than ever before, users no longer predictably jump from different stages of the funnel before purchasing.

Typically, they tend to go back and forth between exploring and evaluating options which means brands have to adapt their content to reflect this messy period between initial and final purchase.

For more on this visit our dedicated page on the Messy Middle.

We’re all on social media (maybe a bit too much) these days and that attention creates a lucrative opportunity for brands to create paid social content that speaks to audiences at all stages of their purchase journey.

No matter what it is that your ideal audience is after, paid social can help them see that your brand is the right choice. For example, adverts can support the promotion of education blogs on a brand’s site. Helping to increase the trust and awareness audiences have with your brand.

And, with swipe-ups and click-to-buy prevalent on most social media channels, the right ad can go beyond educating, and encourage that final purchase.

As you can see in the video, one of many unique selling points of Paid Social is its ability to generate demand out of seemingly nowhere. The right assets, combined with the right content and the right offer can turn a user into a customer out of nowhere.

Want Your Brand In Front Of Audiences As They Scroll?

Paid social campaigns like the ones Harriet and her award-winning Paid Social team carry out help to increase your brand awareness at the top of the funnel, educate during the middle, and create compelling copy and assets to encourage conversion at the bottom.

Our team have carried out hugely successful Paid Social campaigns for eCommerce and B2B clients for years now. Their understanding of the industry and the shifting sands that shape it means they can react positively to change.

That industry knowledge, combined with an innate knowledge of what gets audiences to sit up, stop scrolling, and pay attention, means our team are the perfect option for you.

To learn more about our process get in touch with us today.

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