Dynamic Product Ads – The Essential Ecommerce Tool

The last year has seen many businesses adapt to how they reach their customers and many have branched out online. Now may be the time that you are starting to ask how to grow your advertising campaigns and ensure you continue to build the online presence you’ve created. The answer is by using one of the most powerful and essential campaign types on Facebook and Instagram; the Dynamic Product Ads.


The dynamic product campaigns are a fantastic way to evolve your advertising beyond single image or carousel ads that use a limited range of creatives. 


They can be used to remarket products users have viewed on your site or match the most relevant products to new users who have never visited you before. Both are great ways to grow your business and build a loyal customer base. They also work well with PPC campaigns as they can use the same feeds you may be running your shopping campaign with and complement your strategy, particularly once you have the basics sorted and may be looking to grow this channel too.


What is a Dynamic Product Ad?

In the most basic and simplest terms, a Dynamic Product Ad (or DPA) is a way to build a personalised creative for users on Facebook and Instagram. By using product feeds you can showcase your entire collection of products and match them to a users behaviour or interests.


By connecting with users who have already looked at the products on site your dynamic product ads take all the key elements of remarketing and add in the actual products that they were browsing. It takes all the hard work out of trying to select which 4 or 5 products best represents your range as with normal remarketing creatives. And, as we start to get towards the end of this lockdown anything that can lighten your load and give you the chance to take a break can be so important


They can also reach completely new customers and select the most relevant products to show them based on their interests and your targeting. You can also break down your products into smaller set ranges (specific collections, price ranges, simply a mix of ones you want to group together) and use these instead of having to run with every product you sell.


What are the advantages of Dynamic Product Ads?

 Once you have your feeds set up and you’re ready to build your campaigns, you have a whole host of targeting options. The most common campaign will be a remarketing campaign and Facebook makes it very simple to reach these users who have already visited your website. You can quickly set them up to split out users who have only viewed your products from those who have actually added products to their cart before leaving your site. You can also split this out based on how recently they were on your site.


Alternatively, you can use much broader targeting to reach new customers who may never have visited your site or know much about your brand. By combining highly relevant products, engaging ad copy and allowing Facebook to optimise these ads you can build a brand new customer base without having to go through the manual process of testing different products to different interests trying to find the ones that draw in the new users.


As the adverts are automatically controlled by the feed you don’t have to worry about any products that are out of stock still appearing and confusing customers or leading to negative comments on the ads. They can also scale with your business growth. As you release a new collection or expand into a new range your feed will ensure your DPA creatives are showing your latest products at a price that matches your site. No more scrawling through ad copy late into the night making sure everything lines up for the sale you’ve just announced!


What do Dynamic Product Ads Mean For You?

There are many benefits for you as an advertiser running these campaigns. They can boost your revenue, create a more engaged audience and present personalised creatives to your customers while reducing the amount of time you need to spend on creating them. They remove the need to go through selecting which products you want to promote and having to duplicate these for all your important ranges and clogging your ad accounts with dozens of ads, all with just slightly different products being featured. 


It also can help you identify what are the most popular products for driving old customers back to your site and which products are best for attracting a new audience. All of which can lead to making more impactful and insightful decisions across the wider company. The automated ads will also save a lot of time building ads leaving you more time to focus on strategy, reviewing the results, brewing a nice cup of tea or (if recent trends are followed) finishing early and immersing yourself in your latest game.


If you’re looking for some help on taking the next step in growing your campaigns we can help. Let our expert team find the best solution for you, get in touch about our Digital Marketing services!


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