What is it like being a PPC Exec at Embryo?

The life of a PPC Executive is never dull, especially at Embryo. Our team of PPC Consultants are experts in their respective field, offering our clients key insights into their campaigns, keeping up with the latest Google updates, auditing competitors, optimising strategies – all while pitching for new businesses.

As PPC is one of the most rapidly changing facets of modern marketing, we thought we’d find out what our team does on a daily basis. In this blog, we’ll lift the lid on their award-winning activities, giving you insight into what makes Embryo’s PPC Executives really tick.

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What does a typical day look like for a PPC Executive?

At Embryo, every day begins with account checks. That includes making sure all ads and campaigns are still running and are healthy and batting away any disapprovals. Then, we check on the status of anything put live previously – making sure budgets and spending are in line and everything is in order.

After that, outside of regular meetings, the team are often found working through the actions in their award-winning strategy plans – setting new campaigns live, working on optimisations from data, drafting new copy, auditing competitors and much more.

The team also loves nothing more than a pitch, which takes plenty of prep beforehand and happens all-year-round.

Can you walk us through the process of creating – and managing – a PPC campaign?

For any PPC campaign, our team says it always starts with thinking about who they’re targeting. Then they can move onto methodology, the ‘how’, which typically involves:

Words straight from the team:

Kris Boorman, Senior PPC Account Manager says, “Speaking basically, we aim to put our best foot forward and give any new campaign launch the best foundation possible. So when we gather data, we can be confident that any initial results have as little doubt as possible.

“We don’t ask “hmm, what if we had better assets before we went live?” – we make sure we have them before we go live.”

How do multiple campaigns and clients get balanced effectively?

According to the team, this can be especially difficult. That’s because time is money, and for every second the ads are live, they are effectively spending our clients money.

Of course, that money can’t be tracked around the clock. So, the most important part of being an effective PPC Executive is setting up campaigns where you are confident that spend is being managed effectively.

“If you’re making judgements based on data, your own intuition, and if you’re using best-practice setups, you can trust that your good work will drive performance when you’re not looking at the accounts.” Kris adds.

“That’s the foundation we establish for every other part of our job – and that means we can balance things and set priorities for all other work.”

What tools and software do PPC Execs use regularly on the job?

Google Ads Editor and Microsoft Ads Editor are the biggest timesavers for a lot of PPC work, rolling out what would normally take hours in just a few minutes.

Another handy tool is Spyfu, which is great for getting an idea into competitors and their own PPC efforts – but it isn’t always 100% accurate, so make sure to use your own intuition. At Embryo, Shoptimised is the workhorse for all feed optimisation efforts, which is also a great timesaver compared to manually editing feeds, or using Google Merchant Center.

The team has also started using Dataslayer for mostly internal monitoring, but are working on ways it can deliver for clients too – so watch this space!

TLDR: PPC tools used by Embryo

  • Google Ads Editor
  • Microsoft Ads Editor
  • Spyfu
  • Shoptimised (for feed optimisation)
  • Dataslayer (internal monitoring tool)

How does the Embryo PPC team stay updated with the latest trends and changes?

As a team, Embryo’s PPC staff are great at sharing updates, parsing what the updates mean for our clients and then determining actions from them.

“We also maintain an Industry Updates timeline that requires keeping up to date, but also follow some clever clogs PPCers on LinkedIn that can provide some interesting experimental ideas”, the team adds.

Finally: can you share any techniques that have proven particularly effective in campaigns?

In short, no – but the best way to find out how Embryo creates incredible campaigns for our clients is to get in touch with us!

Final thoughts

Although it might change from agency to agency, the life of a PPC Executive at Embryo is one of the most exciting and unexpected in the industry. Full of problem-solving, quick-thinking and above-and-beyond service, our Execs know what it takes to stay ahead of the curve.

It’s probably why our consultants are four-time winners at the UK Search Awards (2021-23) and Paid Media Awards for their stellar work.

So if you’re looking for a PPC service that takes the time to understand you, your business and your industry – while delivering top-shelf results – look no further than us.

To start your journey, why not get in touch for a personalised PPC audit from our team of experts?

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