5 Of The Best PPC Blogs To Follow

When I first started considering digital marketing as a career, I would spend hours researching the best PPC blogs online so that I could understand the basics. With someone who had a heavy background in sales, digital marketing was completely new territory and something I so badly wanted to pursue. In the evenings and on weekends I would dedicate my time to spending hours nerding out on PPC blogs and writing endless notes.

After I landed my first job in PPC, I realised how crucial PPC blogs were to keep up with the ever-changing nature of this industry. Of course, I learnt a lot within my first role, but getting your hands on new updates and bringing them to the table makes you a valuable asset to any team. 

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In the meantime, we’ve compiled together 5 PPC blogs that you can get stuck into that all offer insightful information, regardless of whether you’re a PPC manager or a complete beginner.

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5 Great PPC Blogs To Follow

1. Search Engine Land

First up, we have Search Engine Land which covers all aspects of digital marketing including PPC. This blog posts daily updates on everything you need to know to keep up to speed, including industry trends, feature announcements, breaking news and product changes across all platforms. Another great feature of this blog is that you can sign up for their newsletter so you don’t miss out!

It also has a page dedicated to PPC news and content that ranges from explaining what PPC is to video search tactics to help implement successful marketing strategies. This blog offers a wide range of information for all levels of PPC knowledge and it even includes the latest PPC jobs within the industry.

2. Adcore Blog

Adcore blog is a haven for marketers, it granularly breaks down all things marketing including email marketing, marketing automation and video marketing. It particularly focuses on PPC and offers extremely beneficial content on PPC strategies and tools that can help you excel to the next level. Not only does it segment out specific topics, but it also displays multiple articles once you’ve selected a specific topic to read about.

The beauty of this blog is that it also has a section for e-commerce and ad platforms, posting everything from how to set up an account to how to apply for monthly invoicing. You won’t miss a marketing trick or a trend with Adcore. 

3. PPC Hero

PPC Hero is the ultimate blog to understand all things PPC, it’s a gold mine for marketers that are just starting out or want to expand their PPC knowledge. You’ll find plenty of basic how-to guides and advanced techniques to trial to help improve your own campaigns. 

The blog is written by a PPC-only agency, therefore the articles are extremely bold and the writers aren’t afraid to speak their minds on topics. Their writing stands out from other marketing blogs as they take risks which gives you the confidence to be daring when it comes to PPC. It’s definitely top of the feed for PPC marketers and should be a top choice to read daily to keep up to date with the latest PPC strategies, news, experiments and predictions.

4. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is one of the biggest digital marketing blogs, with an audience that has grown to over 1.5M monthly visitors. They post regular in-depth content from the best in the industry which makes it a must-read for any budding marketers. 

They cover everything you need to know about pay-per-click (PPC) including beginner guides, recent news, updates of paid search platforms and more. Another quirk to this blog is that they have a ‘Ask A PPC Expert’ column where you can answer any paid search questions which get answered in the next edition of AskPPC. 

5. Google Ads

With Google Ads being arguably one of the most effective PPC channels, it’s no surprise this blog has made it into the top 5 as a mandatory read. This blog offers the most reliable information on Google Ads and posts new updates on the latest changes, trends and products that Google offers. Not only does it notify you of upcoming changes but also how to best apply these new updates when it comes to implementing them on Google Ads. 

Here you can keep in the loop with what’s to come and prepare for future updates. I would recommend setting up notifications to alert you on new posts and updates so you don’t miss out. 

To Conclude: PPC Blogs Help our Team Provide Great Results

There you have the top 5 PPC blogs to follow, but by no means is this an exhaustive list. However, if you’ve managed to read through all 5 consider yourself up to date in the world of PPC. One crucial aspect of digital marketing is to ensure you’re consistently keeping on top of all the latest trends, updates and tricks. By subscribing to daily news or even reading an article once a week, you will see a significant difference in not only your PPC knowledge but your confidence in trialling new things. 

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