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As PPC (pay-per-click) becomes not just increasingly popular but almost fundamental in the world of online marketing, simply having a good PPC strategy is no longer enough. In order to really enliven your ad campaigns, do the smart thing and learn about PPC intelligence so that you can use it to enhance your search engine marketing. Not only will you create a better experience for your potential customers, but you’ll see how much easier it becomes to grow your business.

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What is PPC Intelligence?

PPC intelligence takes the guesswork out of data analysis by making use of advanced AI tools to accurately monitor customer behaviour, create keyword reports, and evaluate current market trends in order to refine your marketing strategies for the long term.

Through the ongoing monitoring of your web data analytics and customer behaviours, you’re able to continually ensure that you’re maximising PPC platforms to get the most of your ad campaigns. This includes making sure that the ads themselves are targeted towards the most relevant audiences and that they contain the most accurate and appealing copy.

One of the biggest advantages to PPC Intelligence is that it is an efficient use of resources so that you can carry out more research using artificial intelligence in order to provide a more human-tailored experience of your products and services.

How to use PPC intelligence to maximise your ad campaigns

Through automated bidding strategies and ad delivery options, PPC intelligence gives you as a business the opportunity to structure your marketing strategy around your target audience. This means adjusting when and how Google uses your budget (either throughout the day or in an accelerated period of customer engagement), or specifying where and to whom you want your adverts shown, in order to accelerate the lead-generation process by maximising the likelihood of conversions.

PPC Intelligence advanced strategies to advance your business

Understanding PPC intelligence is one thing, but in order to most effectively use it to your advantage,  it’s useful to be aware of the range of helpful strategies it can bring to your business model, such as:

1. Dynamic keyword insertion

This advanced Google Ads feature of DKI insertion, allows you to update your ad copy to  more closely match the relevant keyword trends customers are using. You can identify these keywords through effective keyword research and SEO tools, as well as by staying up to date with social media and other USC platforms. By increasing the relevancy of your copy to provide a closer match to original search terms, your ads are far more likely to become visible to users who are far more likely to click on them.

2. Automated bid adjustments

Automated bidding encompasses a wide range of strategies, including Smart Bidding, Maximise Clicks, and Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC).

  • Smart Bidding: Optimises ads for conversion or conversion value
  • Maximise Clicks: Focuses on maximising clicks within your budget
  • ECPC: Automatically adjusts your manual bids for clicks that seem more or less likely to lead to a sale or conversion on your website.

These adjustments to your ad campaign allow you to set bids based on your ad’s likelihood to generate a conversion by setting a big strategy.

3. A/B testing

Also known as split or bucket testing, A/B testing allows you to compare two versions of a webpage or app in order to measure their performance relatively by splitting the audience into two and presenting each with a different version.

How to measure the effectiveness of PPC Intelligence

In its very nature, PPC intelligence produces quantifiable data so that you can measure how effective it is for your ad campaigns and business outreach techniques. Through the use of tools such as Google Analytics, you can evaluate vital components of your marketing strategy such as CTR (click-through rates) and conversion rates.

By carrying out regular checks, you’ll ensure that you have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of how well your ad campaigns – and website – are performing, and be able to make adjustments in order to remain relevant to your audience.

As the digital marketing industry continues to rapidly evolve and expand, it’s more important than ever to keep up to date with the latest trends and patterns in customer behaviour. PPC Intelligence provides an easy way to continually adjust and tailor your content whenever you need to in order to reflect the wants and needs of online users and enhance your search engine marketing.

A final note on the importance of ethics in PPC Intelligence

As with any campaign or marketing strategy, the most important thing is the experience of your customer, and this extends to their data and privacy. Not only is everyone entitled to the right to keep their personal information out of public consumption, but building a trustworthy relationship with your audience is also fundamental to the success of any client-focused business and B2B communications.

In order to maintain transparency in advertising and to ensure that you adhere to industry guidelines, don’t sacrifice the power of human intuition for automated processes. Sometimes the right thing isn’t necessarily the easiest or quickest thing. But, by investing your own experiences and perspectives into PPC campaigns in order to appeal to the people on the other side of the ads, you’ll be able to make the most effective use of PPC Intelligence and enhance your search engine marketing.

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