Why You Need More Than 1,000 Words On Your Homepage

Often, we are asked by web design firms of our clients (or sometimes from clients themselves) why we suggest that they should have anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 words on their homepages – and on many other key pages, too.

Our answer is backed up in graphs below, which are from several sources, showing (factually) how many words are written on pages that rank at the top of SERPS across hundreds of thousands of keywords.

As you will see from some graphs, not only are rankings improved, but shares on social media also improves significantly – and these signals will undoubtedly be helping sites to rank higher.

So, this is why we suggest such an ‘insane’/’stupid’/’pathetic’/’incredulous’/’image damaging’ (all things we have been called) thing. Unless you are a huge brand with a great amount of quality and/or relevant inbound links, and can afford to not have so much content written on the homepage, so that Google understands you better, then this is perhaps the only choice you have.

Actually, when we say choice, there isn’t much choice to it – have the content, or really struggle to rank well in your sector.

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