When other online marketing and SEO agencies spend their working time chatting about you…

Now, I’m old. Fleetwood Mac-loving old. Commodore 64-loving old. Old for a ‘martech’ guy. I have been working in the online marketing/SEO field on and off for many years. And today, my old ears found out from three different sources recently that two members of staff at another SEO agency in Manchester were spending their work time chatting about Embryo Digital when they really should have been spending the time in servicing their clients. It only seems fair as they pay for their wages.

While I do genuinely find this conduct a rather nice – albeit indirect – pat on the back, it baffles me that staff at an agency that is struggling to find new work would act in such a way. Maybe their bosses – to quote Dirty Harry (another oldie) – would “put their asses in a ringer” if they were to find this out. The company in question is a lot bigger than Embryo, and seems to be a very well run and respected organisation – but obviously with a few people within that could be doing things better, I don’t know, like spending the time that they get paid to service clients.

The accusation itself was that Embryo was “peddling” old fashioned SEO tactics. What you need to know is that yes, Embryo applies some EXTREMELY old fashioned SEO tactics. Namely the tactic of writing lots and lots of content. I don’t know about you, but whenever I write lots of content for a website, visitors seem to increase. Almost on every occasion – some within a few days, some within a few weeks, and some, in more competitive industries, in a few months. But it always happens at some point.

So yes, you heard it here first (well, secondly after idle (incorrect) gossip by another agency’s staff when they should have been working hard for their own clients) – we REALLY do use some extremely old SEO tactics at Embryo. In fact, we use them to outrank the company in question on every single search term that we are competing for.

If you work in a service business, don’t be like those two employees…service your clients instead of wasting your employer’s time and money.

Right, I’m off back to work.

P.S. To those who may think that I am doing the same by writing this post, you will notice that this is an extra page of content added to an ever-growing site, with some useful internal links (old school SEO tactics?) that will help the site that little bit more.

P.P.S. maybe they just haven’t a clue what they’re talking about?


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