Welcoming Jo, Our New Head of Digital PR!

It never stops, another meet the team post! This time around, we’re delighted to welcome Jo Threlfall as our new Head of Digital PR. Jo will be taking the reigns of our Digital PR department, helping identify and create opportunities for her clients through exciting and creative outreach campaigns that bring back customer engagement, brand awareness, and positive SEO rankings to name just a few!

Jo has already been blazing her trail at Embryo, getting the whole team up to speed on the world of Digital PR and involved in some exciting new projects for clients across the board! We had a quick catchup (well, email chain!) with Jo to talk about her role and her plans for driving Embryo’s digital PR forward. Welcome to the team, Jo!

What will your role here at Embryo involve?

My role as Head of Digital PR is to guide clients into the world of journalism and how traditional PR has evolved into the digital marketing industry. Through research, comparing markets and learning more about clients KPIs, I can implement a strategic plan which will target their customer base, improve e-commerce and SEO rankings through creative campaigns. These campaigns will then be pitched to writers across nationals, lifestyle, regional and international publications who have an interest in the content we have made. In return, we will generate some great coverage and links as journalists will use our findings to create some fantastic stories.

What brought you to Embryo Digital?

I knew that Embryo Digital was the right place for me to continue growing on my Digital PR journey. I like how the agency’s vision and knowledge in the SEO and digital marketing industry correlates with my passion for story generation and creating great digital PR campaigns.

What are you looking forward to about working at Embryo?

In this role, I look forward to working with clients and introducing to them the benefits of digital PR and how it is a tool to build brand awareness online, boost social media visibility and improve SEO. Along with creating campaigns that envision our client’s voice and receive great quality links and media coverage. I’m excited to watch this department flourish as a new department at Embryo Digital.

Where have you worked before and what type of projects have you worked on?

I’ve worked on a range of B2C and B2B clients who have set KPI’s for keywords, links or want to improve e-commerce. I used my knowledge of working in previous agencies to guide them on the right path to boost sales and visibility online with digital PR.  By researching what’s relevant in the news, I can brainstorm ideas which will target customers in those prominent industries.

What do you get up to outside work?

In my spare time, I enjoy working out as fitness is a part of my lifestyle. However, away from the gym or the bouldering room, I’m passionate about influencer marketing and creating content for my blog, which focuses on my alternative style, vintage fashion and health and well-being.


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