Welcome Daniel! Meet Our New Developer…

Daniel Scarth is the newest member of the team here at Embryo. He’s adding his wealth of experience to our website team as a developer, specialising in building super fast, SEO optimised, WordPress websites.

It’s a very strange time to be starting a new job, and he is the first member of staff we’ve had to onboard virtually, so I wanted to interview him for this blog to get his unique insight on his first couple of days at Embryo.

Welcome Daniel! Tell us a bit about your work history – where have you been working before you joined Embryo? 

In the past 6/7 years I’ve worked in two development roles, after leaving university I went working in house at a law firm as a junior developer, over the 3 and a bit years I worked there I was exposed to different areas of the business from web development to paid digital marketing.

The second role I worked at was based in a digital agency, here it was a faster-paced environment with a heavier workload than I used to which was a challenge to begin with. I was able to learn more technical skills especially around setting up websites on different servers and using services such as Cloudflare.

What do you get up to in your spare time (if we imagined we were back in a world where we can leave the house…)? 

In my spare time I like to follow Football and Formula 1, my favourite football team is Manchester United and working in Liverpool in the past 6/7 years has been challenging! My favourite F1 team is Mercedes but I don’t really follow a particular driver as I like quite a few of them such as Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris this is mainly because of their personalities.

I also enjoy listen to some music too, some of my go to artists include Coldplay and Avicii, I don’t really watch many tv shows/movies but if I do its normally The Grand Tour, Top Gear or action movies.

You’ve joined the Embryo team whilst everyone is working from home, and had your inductions online – what has that been like for you? 

Joining Embryo while everyone is working from home has been strange, at first I was quite anxious about jumping on a Google Hangout with the rest of the team, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect but it has been quite a good experience, I can tell a lot of work and effort had been put into making it as enjoyable as it could possibly be and I don’t think it could’ve gone any better!

I know you were in high demand when you were interviewing for jobs, what made you join Embryo rather than take any of your other job offers? 

When I was looking for new roles, I wanted to find a role that would make me happy, work for a company where feel valued and also somewhere that I could progress my career by learning new things working on a range of different projects. I feel confident that each of these points are achievable.


I’m sure we are going to see some great things from Daniel. We will be sharing some of his work on our blog very soon!


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