Updates From The Embryo Index – Feb 2020

BREAKING NEWS: The Embryo Index has updated! That means new scores, new leaders, new companies and more. Every month, the team at Embryo Digital take a look at the winners and losers of the month, who’s shaking things up and who could do with a bit of a boost when it comes to their marketing. So keep reading to see how Manchester’s businesses are doing this month…

All Change at the Top

We have a new leader this month! Wakelet have clawed their way to the top, from third place last month. With a score of 2274.64, Wakelet has hopped over close competitors Peninsula (2197.58) and NCC Group (2214.32) to take the top spot! Plus, Boohoo (1806.75) have pipped Zen Internet (1733.85) to the post to reach the top five. Despite movement at the very top however, the rest of the top 10 is pretty static, with all 10 of the same companies as last month:

The Movers & Shakers of the Month

The biggest overall score rise this month goes to… Manchester Arena! With an additional 210 points, taking their score from 900 to 1100, we can see that the team behind Manchester Arena has been hard at work, and it’s worked. Close behind with gains of 151 points is Antony Hodari, with Wakelet (+108.51), Boohoo (+92.75) and Fatsoma (+58.79) rounding out the top five most improved this month.

Interestingly, the biggest points loss on the index came from Mobica, who lost 121.01 points. Last month, however, they were the most improved, with gains of over 200. While the line is going up overall, Mobica will be one to watch for the next few months to see if this kind of fluctuation continues or if things will start to even out for them soon. Meridian Business Support (-104.88), the Midland Hotel (-93.13), Appleton Gerrard (-80.25) and MediaCity (-59.9) all saw losses as well this month.

Famous Faces – Press Score Winners & Losers

The press score is one of the most consistent metrics on the Index, with very few companies having a press score that changes in any dramatic way from month to month, which means it’s all the more exciting when they do!

Sadly for the Embryo Index, the majority of companies with a changed press score saw it go down. However, the press score does stay partly true to its consistent reputation – the biggest loss was still only 18 points out of 100 (sorry Alston!), so all is not lost. Other press scores that dropped included Great Northern (-13.5 points), The Midland Hotel (-10.5 points), Brabners (-10.5 points), Hiring Hub (-9 points), BDB (-7.5 points), Douglas Scott (-7.5 points) and White Label (-7.5 points).

We didn’t see a huge number of gains when it comes to the Press Score, however, there were a few small increases. North Ainley, Birchall Blackburn, Slater Heelis, Rullion, Sedulo, El Gato Negro, Oliver James and Aaron & Partners all saw their press score rise by a small but powerful 1.5 points, while Night & Day Cafe saw gains of 3 points, and Myerson rose to the top with a 4.5 point increase.

These scores are always changing, however, so keep an eye out for our next update to see how these companies and others fare as we move rapidly through Q1 of 2020! To find out more about the Embryo Index or to list your company, contact Embryo Digital today.


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