Top tips to soundtrack your working day

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m very particular about my music taste but also absolutely love creating playlists and being in control of the music. In fact, I’m the office DJ pretty much 99% of the time (much to some of our team’s dismay). I recently wrote a blog about TikTok and its influence on the music industry and the charts, and it got me thinking about how music has really kept me going throughout lockdown/working life/university life/everything! I’m an avid Spotify fan and absolutely love creating playlists and soundtracking my day based on the task that I have ahead or the mood that I’m in. That being said, I’m here to help you soundtrack working day, that being at home or in the office.


The effect of music on mental health

There are so many studies that show that music is not just entertaining, but also really good for your mental health. A recent study showed that music releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical in your brain. According to the mental health charity Mind, dopamine was up to 9% higher when volunteers listened to music that they enjoyed. That may be a great benefit for when you’re on a night out or at a gig, but it’s even better for when you’re working and otherwise might be feeling quite stressed. 


Let’s get into some of my favourite playlists to get through the working day.

Basic but varied, it’s the charts

The playlist updates very frequently, with all the top 40 hits from the UK charts. If you’re stuck with what to listen to, you will definitely like at least something on here. 



Confidence boost? Yes, please

If you need to remember who you are, then this Love Yourself playlist is for you. I love this playlist for those days when I’m struggling with motivation or have a huge task ahead that I need to pluck up the courage to tackle. 



Is it Friday yet?

If R&B is more your vibe, this playlist is all the best party tunes to get in you in a positive mood. This playlist is great for a Friday or a sunny day when you’re feeling the vibes. 



Songs that are stuck in your head

Can’t stop listening to that one snippet of a song from TikTok? It’s most likely in this playlist. You’re welcome.


Easy summer chilled vibes

All your favourite summer tunes but just on a more chilled note, this playlist is a great morning playlist. I always find it difficult to choose what to listen to in the morning, but this playlist is always a great way to start the day. 


For when you’re not quite feeling it

This playlist is for when you’re not really feeling 10/10 but don’t want to end up a ball of tears. Lyrics that aren’t all about being really happy, but beats that will keep you mellow. 



Everybody loves a throwback

Throwback Thursday is updated every Thursday (shock) with a different theme. They’re completely varied and relate to seasonality, from Football Anthems during the start of the Euros to European Hits during Eurovision week. 



Spotify has a great number of playlists for you to choose from, whether they’re created by Spotify or other users. But, don’t feel like you can’t just get creative and make your own! The biggest takeaway is that music that you enjoy can really help your mental health and productivity, so get listening! 


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