The Importance Of An Operations Manager

‘Operations’ is defined as ‘an active process; a discharge of a function. The action of functioning or the fact of being active or in effect’. When I read this, I immediately felt a great sense of satisfaction and order, which is why naturally my personality and skill set led me towards Operations Management as a career choice (and by skill set I mean my innate ‘Monica Gellar’ mentality). To all of those who don’t understand this you are really missing out!. And to all those who don’t understand what Operations Management actually is and how it works at every level of the business, from services such as SEO to ensuring that all team members are working effectively, then I’ve written this post just for you.


As an Operations Manager, I oversee the day-to-day processes within our business to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible for the team, as well as for our clients. Let’s start with onboarding a new client for example – I will ask myself, ‘’Is this a process myself as a client would find easy, clear and understandable?’’ If the answer is ‘’No’’, then I know straight away that something needs to change and could therefore be done better. Similarly, my brain will think like this when it comes to the majority of the processes within the company. It’s also really important that I work with the whole team as well as with them on a 1-1 basis, in order to learn how they currently operate when doing their daily tasks as well as things that they think they could do better but just don’t have time to figure out how. This allows everyone a chance to have their say and feel valued at the company.

Being within the ever-evolving and exciting business that is Embryo Digital, our key focus is always how well are we operating as a business in order to give our clients the best possible value, experience and service? Are they getting detailed quality monthly reports? Do they understand these reports? Here at Embryo Digital, we pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring  that all of our clients understand our services and are assured that they can always call us if they ever needed additional guidance or support.


There are lots of things that can be gained from bringing in an Operations Manager for a business; ultimately it will help encourage the company to work metronomically for all members of the team. It’s also extremely reassuring for Managing Directors to know that their businesses can operate successfully with extreme organisation even if they are not in the office. Both of these benefits equally aid business growth and expansion.


If I were to give advice to anyone considering going into Operations Management I would firstly say, make sure that you get as involved in everyone’s day-to-day as soon as possible and ask as many questions to understand the current processes in place for each team members’ roles. That way you can then take a step back and see how this process can be better streamlined and more effective. Secondly I would say, always have the confidence to voice your opinion if you think something could be done better. You’re there to make things operate as best and as commercially-viable as possible so never be afraid to make suggestions to the team. You may be surprised by the positive response!

To learn more about Operations Management, I suggest this great guide from Tallyfy.


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