The 8 step digital marketing agency in Manchester new starter checklist

So, you’re starting a new job at an exciting digital marketing agency in Manchester and you’re looking for some tips on how to get started? Well first of all, congratulations! You’ve joined a fantastic industry that’s filled with talent and opportunities, so you should be set for a fantastic career if you’re willing to put in the hard work. To help you get ready for your new job, we’ve put together this handy checklist for new starters – if you follow these tips, we’re sure you’ll hit the ground running and have everyone totally bowled over by the amazing start you’ve made, so be sure to read on to learn more! These tips have been curated by our talented delivery team here at Embryo, so if you’d like to read more from us or would like to discuss ways that you could begin to work with the team, just give this link a click and get in touch with us!

Without further ado, here is our 8 step digital agency new starter checklist:

1. Get into a routine

Recent studies have proven that a regularized routine can alleviate stress, improve mental health and even reduce episodes of insomnia. Daily routines provide an essential structure that sets you up for the day and in turn can have a significant effect on your level of productivity. As a recent university graduate, routine is something I have always struggled with maintaining. However, I was quick to learn that giving yourself a regime is useful when it comes to managing both your professional and personal life. It can be extremely helpful with time management and prioritising tasks.

Establishing a routine is unique to each individual, the trick is to work out what works best for you. It can be done by paying close attention to your co-worker’s daily routines and learning the essential skills to perform your new responsibilities successfully. This way you can try out their best practices and perhaps implement it into your own. Routines have increasingly become more important as hybrid working has become the new norm for many digital agencies like Embryo. They can help us focus without wasting energy adjusting to different work environments.

2. Adjusting to the pace of agency life

Life at a digital agency can be very full-throttle – from the first day, things are fast-paced, busy, and energetic, but if you ask us, that’s all part of the fun! If you’ve never worked in an agency before, you’re sure to be shocked by the speed at which things move, but don’t worry – you’ll adjust in no time. Once you’re into the thick of things, you’re sure to love how quickly the days pass by, how engrossed you become in your projects, and how astounding the results you achieve truly are; it might be hard work, but the payoff is so, so sweet.

Our advice to any new starters joining a digital marketing agency is this: embrace the speed at which things move, rather than dwelling on it. By getting stuck in, asking for help where it’s needed, and always looking to learn more and investigate things, you’ll be up to speed and smashing our client work like it’s nothing – it’s all just a learning curve!

3. Ask for help!

The simple but most often overlooked advice is: don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. For many of us, the idea of asking for help makes us feel like we are not smart enough, or strong enough or competent. We sometimes are anxious and worried that if we reach out for help people may judge us. So instead, we get overwhelmed and try to juggle everything ourselves.

This is wrong. Asking questions or asking for a helping hand can contribute to a better understanding of your job and what is expected of you. As soon as you realise that most people, when asked, are happy to offer some guidance, you feel instantly more comfortable and confident. This positive work culture is embraced extremely well at Embryo and is something I love about working here.

This is a particularly important tip when working for a digital marketing agency as it is fast-paced and always evolving; this means that most people in your workplace are having to learn and adapt to new changes and challenges in the digital world. It also encourages collaboration amongst our team members. Furthermore, it can maintain the focus and energy on a project and more importantly create exciting opportunities for ourselves. Only growth can come from asking questions.

4. Your actions have consequences for yourself AND others

When you’re working at a big agency, you need to understand just how important teamwork is – every team works as a unit and when you aren’t pulling your weight it isn’t just yourself that you let down, it’s those around you too. To avoid causing unnecessary stress for the team around you, it’s vital that you keep your own workload in order; if you’re not helping those around you, then you don’t belong in that team. We’ve found that the best teams are those that support each other in the tough times and the times of glowing success, so remember to always be there for your team, support them whenever they need it, and do everything you can to make each other’s lives easier – once you’ve got this nailed down, everything feels like it’s running like a well-oiled machine.

5. Client interactions

As a complete newbie to agency life, it’s highly likely that you’ve never really faced any client interaction of any kind – it’s a unique experience and one that you’ll become incredibly familiar with over the course of your time working at a digital agency, but it can be pretty daunting at first. The thought of speaking to a representative of a company that you’re working with, on behalf of your own company, can feel like a lot of pressure, but the key to handling these situations well is being confident and assured of yourself as you enter the call. Remember: your agency believes in you and your ability, so run with that and give the client confidence that they’re talking to the best in the business!

If you’re wondering what kind of questions you should be asking on calls or what kind of manner you should use on the phone – speak to your team and ask them! Chances are a member of your team will have lots of experience with that client, so they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. As a general rule, always try to be friendly, approachable, assured, and professional when dealing with clients on the phone or by email – if you stick to this, you can’t go too far wrong!

6. Set some personal goals

Setting achievable and personal goals paves the way for success. Becoming accountable for your own progress reminds us that if you put hard work in then you will reap the rewards. Establishing goals early on in your new job can be a great source of motivation. Goals allow us to remain focused and provide us with direction in facing new challenges.

Start with long term goals then break each down to shorter objectives which will help contribute to reaching your end goal. Make sure to write these goals down somewhere visible to you daily so that you can constantly be reminded and stay on track. It is also important to create goals that follow the SMART framework. Are your goals Specific? Well defined clear goals allow for effective planning. Are your goals Measurable? Evaluate what evidence will show your progress. Are your goals Attainable? Ensure your goals are realistic and you have the tools and resources to accomplish them. Are your goals Relevant? They should align with longer term personal goals. And finally, are your goals Time-bound? Consider the time frame and give yourself a reasonable end date.

Finding it difficult to stick at your goals? Visit one of our content team’s fantastic blogs, such as “Your Guide To Being A Goal-Getter: How To Stick To Your Goals And Smash Them”.

7. Flexibility is key – learn to adjust between clients

If you’re used to working in house, where you only have one client to write for around the clock, it can be a bit confusing learning how to switch between clients who operate in completely different industries, using totally opposite tones. Of course, that’s something that you’ll have to get used to when you’re handling a big group of clients as an employee at a digital marketing agency in Manchester.

On a daily basis, we go from working on campaigns relating to food, technology, cryptocurrency, electric vehicles, and even fashion brands – it’s a real mixed bag of topics that helps to keep the mind active and every day feeling fresh and interesting.

One of the tough parts can be learning to switch between these topics at the drop of a hat, but once you’ve spent some time getting to know your clients inside and out, you’ll be smashing out top-class strategies and bringing in truly great results that have your clients feeling over the moon with your service.

8. Figure out how to integrate with the other teams

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes many digital channels, platforms and devices. Because of this, we have numerous departments within digital agencies to focus on different aspects of online marketing. Each department is supported by a dedicated team led by an experienced head of department who is an expert in their field.

Within my first month at Embryo, each head of department took the time to explain to me the fundamentals of their sector and walked me through their daily procedures. This enlightened me and I was able to make connections between each department and understand we are all striving towards the same end goal. It is also a great opportunity for new starters to meet people across the agency and make connections. I would advise anybody to delve into other departments and gain a holistic view of the organization’s work and the part you will play in the grand scheme of things.

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