Some of the best articles about Digital PR from 2020

When most people think of PR, they still imagine that it’s all about features in the local paper or national magazine. But the truth is that PR has been shifting focus to online for some time now, becoming an important part of many successful SEO campaigns. Digital PR is a practice that uses all the same principles as traditional PR while working alongside and boosting your other digital marketing activities.


More and more PR professionals are beginning to have to learn how to use their skills in the digital space. Terms such as link building, domain authority, SEO and backlinks might have some traditional PRs scratching their heads. But in 2020 and beyond, digital PR is only going to become more important and fundamental to digital marketing.


With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourite articles posted on the topic of digital PR in 2020.

Why you need digital PR in your SEO strategy by The Drum

One of the most powerful ways of using digital PR as a digital marketing tactic is to weave it into your other campaigns. This piece, published by The Drum back in April, gives a quick rundown of the important reasons that you should implement digital PR as part of a more comprehensive SEO and digital marketing strategy. It goes over the importance of using social media as part of your digital PR strategy, while also outlining the powerful ways in which SEO and digital PR can work together, boosting the results of both campaigns.


Digital PR: How to Define What ‘Good’ Looks Like & Drive Measurable Gains by Search Engine Journal

Digital PR isn’t an exact science. Unlike other digital marketing strategies, a digital PR campaign’s success relies on a wide variety of different factors, many of which you can’t control. Not securing a million links from amazing publications for a piece of content that you really thought was amazing is disappointing but, as pointed out in this article about driving measurable digital PR gains, it shouldn’t always be painted as failure. Here, Search Engine Journal goes into how digital PR campaigns should revolve around meeting client KPIs and setting realistic expectations.

What is digital PR and why is it important? By Talkwalker

For those new to the concept of digital PR, we recommend this article by Talkwalker. If you have no frame of reference but want to find out more about how digital PR is defined, how it works alongside other digital marketing practices, how measurable digital PR success is, as wellas some tips for improving digital PR performance, then this quick rundown of what digital PR is and why it’s important is a great place to start.

How to combine digital PR with SEO for better results by Business Matters

Much like the piece by The Drum that we talked about above, this article by the Business Matters Magazine goes into the hugely beneficial relationship between SEO and digital PR. If you want a brief rundown that aptly explains exactly why you need to invest in both SEO and digital PR together, then this is a great place to start. Both digital marketing practices can offer your business a great deal on their own, but when it comes to shooting ahead of your competition and gaining national exposure, using SEO and digital PR together is a must.

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