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October has been a busy month for the SEO department here at Embryo. Focused on staying ahead of the curve especially when it comes to industry-based news and Google algorithm updates we pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed and mirroring this in SEO and Marketing Strategies moving forward.

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Enhancing Our Content Approach 

In her role as our Lead SEO Copywriter, Shona has spearheaded innovations in our content team, to not only meet but exceed the expectations of search engines and users alike. 

As an agency dedicated to differentiating itself and foreseeing industry trends, continually evolving our service offering is super important to us. 

This month, the content team has adopted new content frameworks, improved client-facing materials, and updated quality guidelines, all of which are aligned with the latest Google updates, data research and E-E-A-T standards.

In-Depth Tech SEO Audit 

Since the introduction of our new head of organic Dan McCartney and our Delivery Director Mark McGonigle, we have seen some big changes in the way we conduct and deliver SEO work and strategies, and this hasn’t stopped in October with the introduction of our Enhanced Technical SEO Audit. 

Here at Embryo, we understand the importance of data and research when it comes to delivering SEO strategies and producing work hence the improvement of our technical Audits.

We have now extended the SEO audit process to include a Complete Audit & supporting Document, Issues Log and a full detailed write-up of all errors found with the best possible actions to take.

This process is conducted by our in-house Tech SEO Adam Chapman which is then taken through a peer review and supplied back to the clients AM to begin fixing the errors and showcase to clients.

Employee Success  

This month has also seen some of our team widening their knowledge and improving their overall skill set. Our very own Alisa Thorley took on the SEO Certification through Hubspot Academy and has since said she now feels more confident in:

  • Evaluating and Improving her client’s SEO
  • Using insights from her keyword research and reporting to help improve search performance

Alongside this, our Junior Content editor Tanisha Fletcher decided to improve her skill set by completing the Ahrefs Certification Course which has helped her use AHREFs effectively to contribute towards SEO success.

We hope you have enjoyed our latest SEO In-house news round-up discussing the improvements we as a Digital Marketing Agency are taking to try and help you achieve greater results. 

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