Whether in the flesh or online, we’re sure by now you must have seen our fantastic new report, ’Comparing 235 Aesthetic Clinic Websites in the United Kingdom.’ Delving into how 235 businesses up and down the country, as well as in Scotland and Northern Ireland market themselves through their website, specifically, along content and SEO-related measures, we aim to show them areas in which they excel, as well as areas in which they could do with some improvement. The report highlights gaps in the industry, includes one of our famous ‘EmbryoGraphs’ and discusses some of our favourite websites from the data. In this post, we take a look at the northern businesses included, and provide top tips for helping market your aesthetic business online.

Discussion Of The Data – The North of England’s Aesthetic Businesses

The northern clinics featured ranged from cosmetic and surgical specialists such as Transform and MYA, to those specialising in facial enhancement treatments such as Adel Aesthetics, Call Lane Aesthetics and Beauty Lines Aesthetics. Some clinics also offer dental treatments, such as The Harwood Clinic and Whitehills Dental & Skin Care Clinic.


The right keywords allow a business to gain better SERP rankings, increased website traffic due to better targeting and helps guide your content strategy for optimisation opportunities. The more keywords a website appears for, the greater the likelihood that it’ll be found when potential customers and/or clients type in search queries in their browsers. The key is ensuring your website ranks for industry-, local- and product- and/or service- specific keywords, so that your website matches the phrases, words and terms a user types into their search engine when looking for businesses such as yours.

Companies performing well include Sk:n (30,003), MYA (18,105), Transform (7,319), Good Skin Days (4,233) and SkinViva (4,519). Businesses such as Handsworth Cosmetic Clinic (7), Roger Compton Aesthetics (8), CLARA AESTHETICS (2) and Subtle Changes (5), however, could do with an updated SEO strategy.

DR: Domain Rating

A website’s domain rating indicates the strength of its backlink profile, that is, the number of websites that link back to it. The stronger the backlink profile, the better, as search engines tend to place more trust, authority and credibility in websites with a greater number of quality backlinks, helping them raise their SERP ranks. In the aesthetic industry, good backlinks could include links from websites such as aesthetic magazine, Aesthetics and The pmfa Journal, as well as help forums such as real self.

Clinics with a good DR include Sk:n (55), Face The Future (51), Transform (47), The Hospital Group (41) and MYA (38). Cause for concern, a number of businesses, including Adel Aesthetics, Skinqure, Lauren Hurst Aesthetics & Beauty Salon, Dermagize Aesthetics, Decrease Clinic and Auntie Wrinkle have a DR of 0, meaning they’re missing a worthwhile trick.

IP: Number Of Links

We also looked at the total number of links a website had, to discover each’s quality. On page 5 of our report (page title: How Google views the aesthetic clinic websites in our study), you’ll find our EmbryoGraph. This states that the thicker the border of a circle – which represents an individual website – the more links that website has from others. If the border is also solid, then the website has good inbound links, whereas if it’s dashed, then it may be lacking in comparison to its competitors.


Face The Future (396), Transform (571) and Sk:n (916) were among the best with both a solid, thick border. Interestingly MYA, a key player in the industry has a dashed border, suggesting there is room for improvement.

Top Tips For Marketing Your Aesthetic Business Online

Special Offers

How do you compete when everyone in your industry is selling the same product? Create special offers and promotions that pull your audience in. Now anyone can offer 10% off, so why not make your offers a little more engaging. For example, one of our clients provides gift bags for special occasions, giving their customers a lovely memento of the day they’ve had being pampered in luxury. Include these offers in your meta titles to ensure they catch the eye of potential website visitors.

Incentivise Referrals

As 92% of people trust referrals from people they know, and 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product after learning about it from friends and family, it’s clearly a good idea to encourage your loyal customers to point everyone they know in the direction of your business. Ask them to write positive online reviews for you (another marker of trust) and reward them for their kindness.

Email Marketing

Whether you send a monthly newsletter or provide weekly updates discussing offers, events and industry news, email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with your clients, reminding them of your business and letting them know about new treatments they may be interested in. Over time, you’ll build up a list of valuable customer data, allowing you to truly target your audience based on preferred treatments, interests and website behaviour.

Get Your Blog On

Not only great for sharing through your social channels, blogs tell Google that your website is being regularly updated with fresh new content and provides it with more information to help the bots rank your website for relevant search terms. This is where keyword research comes in handy, ensuring your blogs answer the questions that users are searching. What do they want to know about skin treatments? What are the benefits of dermal fillers over Botox? Which procedure will ensure I’m always beach ready? Write a blog about it and let us know.

Further, incorporating videos, infographics and testimonials will boost engagement, and likelihood of sharing that valuable content with others.

Go Local

With ‘near me’ and other location-based searches on the rise, it’s best practice to do the following:

  1. Add location names to content you create, whether that be blogs, articles, web pages and social posts.
  2. Add a local business address not only on Google My Business, but to each website page too.

We hope you’ve found our report helpful, and if you’d like to discover more ways to improve your website and it’s marketing, please give us a call today on (0161) 327 2635 and we’re only too happy to help.


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