Pride and The Pandemic

Around the world, the pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on LGBTQI+ people who have been historically discriminated against in their access to healthcare, housing and employment.

Various events are held across the globe during the month of June, The Stonewall uprising: 50 years of LGBT history took place in June which is why the month was chosen for pride. Pride is a way of recognising the influence LGBT+ people have had throughout history. The LGBT+ community celebrates Pride in several different ways with festivals, public speakers, comedians and parades, such an enjoyable time of the year.

Pride also acts as an opportunity to raise awareness of current issues facing the LGBTQI+ community, allowing people to peacefully protest their rights and the discrimination they receive.

What was pride before Covid 19?

Parades are a big part  of Pride month, with the biggest ones held in Brighton, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

There are also community events, street parties and public speaking events hosted by influential members of the LBGTQI+ communities and celebrities, but most importantly, there’s lots of educational sessions which allow the wider community to understand the issues the LBGTQI+ community face and how to reduce their likelihood by educating others.

How will it be celebrated in 2020?

With COVID-19 still at large and social distancing still crucial to combat the spread of the illness Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do, Pride 2020 is to be reinvented in the virtual space.

A great announcement was made by Amnesty International earlier this month, who said that they would be joining forces with UK Black Pride News, Stonewall Pride and Parapride — Pride. In. Everyone. to bring this year’s Pride celebrations completely online. Pride will change its shape – with DJs,  musicians, comedians and activists performing alongside each other all honouring the LGBTQ+ community.

“COVID-19 won’t stop us celebrating LGBT+ rights. This year, Pride will be inside – in our homes and in our hearts,” said Sen Raj, Amnesty International’s Rainbow Network committee member LGBTI+ Pride celebrations to continue inside – new online festival announced.

Charities, brands and organisations have seen to be rising to the challenge of moving pride online with innovative ways to bring Pride communities together, in the face of COVID-19. 

In June 2020, over 20 million people came together across the united states to celebrate World Pride Pride Events 2020: Where to Find the World’s Biggest Celebrations Online and while events like Pride Parade are placed on hold this year, looking on the positive side of things it does open up the floor for creative ideas for fundraising and raising awareness through avenues such as social media.

How are brands supporting Pride 2020?

“Pride products” have began to pop up as they tend to at this time of year however with COVID-19 disturbing matters brands have been turning to virtual events.

Skincare brand Kiehl’s has dropped Pride-themed products completely and is instead focusing their efforts on bringing their community together in 2020. Their Instagram page Kiehl’s Since 1851 (@kiehls) • Instagram photos and videos describes their new exciting partnership with The Trevor Project stating the following “Continuing Kiehl’s ongoing commitment to support the LGBTQ community, we are honoured to announce our NEW, long term charity partnership with The Trevor Project. Through this partnership and donation to The @trevorproject, our goal is to help them support the 1.8 million LGBTQ youth between the ages of 13 and 24 in the US who seriously consider suicide each year. We will make a positive impact through funding, awareness and resources that can help change their lives for the better. As we continue to socially distance and use this time to reflect, listen and learn, we have decided to postpone our virtual celebrations until our communities are ready to celebrate. Stay tuned for updates. During a time where we ALL need to come together to support each other and spread awareness, we encourage you to learn more about The Trevor Project’s incredibly powerful mission by tapping our #linkinbio. ????”  Kiehl’s & Trevor project. Digital discussions are also being hosted by Kiehl’s with LGBTQI+ advocates throughout June.

Black Lives Matter and Pride

With the recent event of the death of George Floyd sparking the Black Lives Matter Movement along with Black Lives Matter, Black Pride and the LGBTQI+ community support will not stop pushing for change and supporting each others cause. This has led to US Pride organisations planning to address the current protests against police brutality and racism along with honouring the black activists who contributed, and continue to contribute, to making Pride’s history.

New York, London, Manchester, San Francisco, and LA are just some of the cities that are dedicating virtual events to supporting Black Pride this year. 

Black in Space: A Virtual Black Pride Experience was one of the very first virtual events to mark Pride, beginning on the 21st May 2020 and lasting five days. The virtual event celebrates the diversity and resilience of Black LGBTQI+ communities, such as many artists contributed towards this wonderful experience find out more at Black in Space

Many charitable donations are made from black pride, New York city alone purchased 500 face masks with the funds made by the pride tickets, contributing towards the support of trans and gay owned small businesses, along with donations made to DC Mutual Aid Network through Black Lives Matter DC.

The events of 2020 have been undeniably world changing, however through the trauma and misery it’s been beautiful to see how causes such as Pride, Black Pride, Para Pride and Black Lives Matter are supporting each other and making the world a better place.

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