Mission Mars: Out Of This World Marketing?

With some of Manchester’s best-loved venues dotted around the city, Mission Mars is a mainstay in the culture and nightlife of the city, not to mention a giant in our hospitality sector. However, despite being a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality industry, when it comes to the individual locations they run, the Embryo Index scores are a bit all over the place. At Embryo Digital, we were wondering why that is – after all, they’re owned by the same parent company, so you’d assume they might be on a level playing field. In this post, we’ll break down the Embryo Index scores of a few of Mission Mars’ flagship venues and see how they each shape up! We’ll be taking a look at four of Mission Mars’  most popular venues – Gorilla, Deaf Institute, Albert’s Schloss and Trof, to see who comes out on top!

Reviews and Social Media Score

Reviews for Mission Mars’ venues are generally pretty high, and all are very similar – Deaf Institute pips the others to the post with a score of 67.5, but all three of the other venues have a score of 66, so there’s not much in it at all. For social media, thigs are fairly similar – Trof trails behind with a score of 33, while the other three are tied on 67.

The Techy Scores

When it comes to the SEO bits (the Web Authority, Keyword Reach, Traffic, Inbound Link and Establishment Scores), Gorilla and Deaf institute stand a little taller than the rest, but it’s worth mentioning there isn’t much in it! Gorilla and Deaf Institute have higher web authority and keyword reach scores than Trof and Schloss, both sitting close to the 60 and 70 mark for these scores.

When it comes to website traffic, Albert’s Schloss and Deaf Institute beat off the competition, with scores of 45.2 and 46.3 respectively. Trof is trailing here, with a score of 9.1, while Gorilla roars ahead again, with a massive 70.4 compared to the rest of the Mission Mars family.

When it comes to the Inbound Link score, we see to be coming back to the theme. Gorilla and Deaf Institute pull ahead with inbound link scores of 60 and 75, respectively, while Schloss and Trof are sitting around on 31 and 25. The Establishment scores tell a similar story, but all four venues could do with some improvement on this front – the rankings go; Deaf Institute on 22.5, Gorilla on 10, and Trof and Schloss on a measly little 2.5 each. That said, the Establishment score is one of the hardest ones to increase, especially for businesses in Hospitality and customer service like the Mission Mars family.

On The Street

This score ranks the in-world marketing companies do – things like sponsorships, networking events, physical marketing, distribution of white papers and more! Sadly for Mission Mars, things are sorely lacking in this area of their marketing departments! All four of the Mission Mars properties on the Embryo Index have a big fat zero in their On The Street score. 🙁

Press Score

After having a nosey through the numbers, it seems like all four companies are on pretty level footing, apart from one incredibly important metric – the Press Score. Top of the Pops for this metric is Gorilla, Whitworth Street’s bar, restaurant and event space, hosting live music and events every week. With a whopping press score of 100, Gorilla is leaving its Mission Mars compatriots in the dust!

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