Marketing Manchester 2020

Somehow we’ve hit the year 2020, another decade behind us in the ‘new’ millennium and a chance at round two of ‘The Roaring Twenties’. In our day-to-day, our brains process a lot of information which makes it easy to forget about whatever isn’t happening in our Right Now. At Embryo, we thought 2019 was a pretty good year all in all. Internally we saw an impressive team expansion and externally we watched the city around us exceed itself, producing the remarkable month after month, and because of this, we wanted to pay homage to you, Manchester. We’ve created something that we think highlights and celebrates what our friends, neighbours and fellow Manchester dwellers have been doing throughout 2019 and how marketing in Manchester has been evolving. 

We’re covering the length and breadth of Manchester industry, and we’re also getting a little introspective by taking a look at where our own work is heading, with predictions for how SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media marketing, web design & development and offline marketing are going to look now that we’ve arrived in the new decade.

Our report delves into an unprecedented boom in tech companies setting up shop in the city and why we were named the best UK Tech Town, using data from the Embryo Index and insights from our trending friends at Caroo. With the growth of the sector not looking to slow down anytime soon, and marketing efforts already generally pretty solid, for marketers like us, the tech sector really is the one to keep a watchful eye on.

We couldn’t do a report on the state of Manchester without mentioning the giants that are becoming our skyline and the marketing behind the Architecture & Property industry. Visual property marketing has really taken flight over the last year – literally in the case of Knight Knox and their drone footage! Our Studio has given us a taste of how marketing goes down under their roof and how they’re paving their own road to success (pun in there somewhere). 

As we all probably know, social media is a massive part of marketing in the hospitality sector, so much so that it’s hard to picture what the industry would look like in 2020 without it! If it’s not on Instagram then does it really exist? Having an enviable social presence is the newest indicator that somewhere is the place to be. We take a look at how concept place Wolf at The Door has managed to immerse you in their vibe, via their website, before you even cross the threshold and how Arndale Market inhabitants such as Wholesome Junkies are rallying new crowds with their insta-friendly food stalls.

We touch on the race for the crown of Manchester fashion royalty, our homegrown fast-fashion players put in valiant efforts to come out on top month after month. Boohoo hit the billion-pound revenue mark for the first time which was huge while I Saw It First secured a partnership with the infamous show Love Island! Is 2020 the year of sustainability and are fashion companies doing enough? The likes of Beaumont Organic have it right, but will our bigger players take on their mind frame? 

Obviously I wouldn’t want to give you too many spoilers, I’d recommend reading the report itself for better insight (unbiased opinion, naturally). If you haven’t received a copy in the post then you can get your digital copy by getting get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 0161 327 2635 and request your hard copy/chat to us about anything covered within! 



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