Love Island 2019 – Will This Impact Our Monday Meetings?


Monday 3rd June 2019 saw Love Island 2019 return to our televisions with some whopping broadcasting statistics showing that 18.5% of all TV viewers were watching the Islanders enter the villa giving an average of 3.3 million people (this is a 10% rise in the figures from last season), with 57% of 16-34-year-olds having tuned in. Clearly, everyone couldn’t resist the sound of the islanders shouting ‘TEXTTT’, ‘The person I’m going to couple up with is…’ You can only imagine the amount Love Island group WhatsApp chats that were set up can’t you (me being guilty of being one of those people of course)?

The show airs Monday- Friday and Sunday at 9 pm, that’s 6 out of 7 days a week for an hour a night- Can we expect this to have an impact on our Monday morning meeting we ask ourselves?  


Just to give you some more numbers to process…There are 52 working weeks a year, and depending on your company hours, this can mean that we spend 2,080 hours a year in the office, sounds lovely doesn’t it? Particularly for people who have extremely stressful and pressurising jobs, whether that involves hitting ridiculously high sales KPIs, working in upsetting and sensitive environments, or getting your head stuck into crunching numbers and technical code every day. The majority of our digital marketing team consistently have their brains working on technical SEO, PPC or researching brand new content topics to write pages and pages about.


Being aware of these factors and statistics, it is no wonder that people occasionally get the ‘Sunday night fear’ after their two day weekend especially now we have Love island distracting us. So, can we find ways that companies can make their Monday morning meetings just a LITTLE bit more motivating and productive to start the week off right for the team?


Here are some tips on potential ways to help…


1-  Standing Desks are the new thing,  so why not stand up meetings?

The majority of office jobs have employees sat down at their chairs all day which as we all know can be bad for our health and there are lots of benefits to having stand up work sessions or meetings; they reduce the risk of weight gain and obesity, may lower employee blood sugar levels, lower the risk of heart disease, helps improve mood and energy levels which is just what you want to kick start the day right! Standing meetings and desks also show to have no effect on productivity.


2- Ask the team the questions

Instead of talking at your team for the full hour, try to get everyone involved and engaged by discussing their own plans for that week, projects they’re working on, meetings they have. The last thing people want to hear is someone talking at them for an hour on Monday morning whilst they’re still waking up from their morning coffee! Always come prepared to your Monday morning meeting, having a printed out agenda for the team to be aware of what will be discussed, this way it will give them the opportunity to add to it or make comments on some of the topics mentioned.


3- Team breakfasts are the way forward

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day so why not make the office environment a little different on a Monday morning by enjoying a team breakfast together? Pastries, fruit, coffee, whatever takes your fancy!


4- Discuss any positive work or ‘client quick wins’

A company may have lots of different departments, take our digital marketing agency as an example, we have SEO, PPC, Social, Content and website project teams working on the service delivery for a variety of clients. Then we have teams that aren’t as client facing such as myself who will manage all of the operational day-to-day processes internally as well as welcoming new clients onboard.

So in order to keep the whole office up to date with all of the positive client results, we will as a team, wherever possible mention any ‘client quick wins’ in our Monday meeting, or even a team email mid-week, that way not only is everyone kept up to date but we also get to enjoy the success of the work we put in for our clients.




So, YES ‘it’s going to be a long hot summer’ of Love Island to get through as Caroline Flack would say but let’s not let that affect our Monday morning productivity and get creative with our team meetings to kick start the week off! 



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