Long-distance Relationships In Lockdown: Making Virtual Valentine’s Day Feel That Little Bit Less Virtual


Valentine’s Day will be a little different to last years. We don’t have the usual shops open to hand-pick the perfect gift for a significant other, or even the opportunity to panic book that last-minute table at that restaurant that’s filled with nostalgic memories from you and your partner’s first date. However, let’s not forget to appreciate the world we live in now where, even in a global pandemic,  e-commerce and social media can combine to make sure you feel more connected to your long-distance loved ones than ever before. We all know that one couple who are seasoned ‘long-distance relationship-ers’ so, to them, this is another walk in the park, but for those of you who are in a COVID-induced LDR and are new to the game, here are some suggestions on how to use the world of e-commerce and social media to have your most organised virtual Valentine’s Day yet.


Send your S.O their favourite meal or cocktails

With more and more restaurants and cafes getting on board the Deliveroo/Just Eat/UberEats bandwagon to keep their business afloat in difficult times, and to make sure the nation is well-fed with good food, you have more food and drink options than ever before for your virtual date night. Whether you order your partners food for them as a surprise, or it’s the usual order from the same restaurant to imagine you’re together, it will make you feel that little bit closer over Facetime. Or, if your go-to Valentine’s Day celebrations involve getting drunk in love, bars and restaurants are offering delivery of your favourite cocktails to either mix yourself or enjoy pre-mixed. The possibilities are endless.


Send the perfect personalised card and gift

Nothing says you’re thinking of someone like a personalised card or gift sent in the post, it can really put you in your feels… ya know? Although e-commerce giants have been thriving as we’ve gone in and out of lockdown, it’s important that we turn to our independent and smaller retailers this Valentine’s Day who need just as much love as your better half. Whether it be a quote on a card from your favourite binge-worthy Netflix Series, or you’re a little more ‘out there’ and feel your partner deserves socks with your face on them, now is the time to go all out to show your partner in crime how much you’re missing getting up to mischief with them. At Embryo, our favourite online card shops are Scribbler and Thortful, and our favourite independent retailers can be found on Notonthehighstreet.com.


Take to Social Media

On Valentine’s Day, we know that posting about your S.O on social media is a bit like Marmite. You either love it and revel in it, or you loathe it and couldn’t think of anything more cringe-worthy. This year, however, is very different and it’s a good opportunity to open your mind to all the ways you can show affection. Whether it’s a 5-minute long IGTV montage with the millions of memories you’ve shared, put to John Legend – All Of Me (obvs), or your favourite photo of the two of you, shared to your Instagram story with a simple ‘Happy Val Day’, both show your long-distance loved one that you’re very much thinking about them, appreciating the times when you’ve been able to be less than 2-metres apart, and show off how much fun it is having them by your side.


Netflix and Facetime, the new Cinema date night

FaceTime really is a thing of wonder. While the majority of our beloved hospitality and entertainment industry is closed until further notice (we miss you), make-shift cinema dates are made easier with Deliveroo, Netflix and FaceTime. So, agree a time for when you’re both going to relax for the day, build your fort of food and snacks around yourself, and put telly on! Try something new that you’ve both had your eye on watching or watch the first film you ever watched together and reminisce, but do it together on FaceTime.


Date night playlist

No one knows your taste in music quite like your partner does! Although you can’t tell them in person that their music taste is still strange but endearing, you can show them how much you’re missing listening to their eclectic mix of road-trip tunes by creating a Spotify playlist just for them. Make sure it’s full of all the songs that remind you of the best memories, and a few in there you know they find annoying but that you love. If a mixtape isn’t the epitome of modern romance, I don’t know what is.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ like Flowers

It’s true! Sending flowers can brighten someone’s day, week, month or even year, and is one of the simplest yet most thoughtful Valentine’s Day surprises. And, with the majority of retail taking to e-commerce to stay available to their thoughtful customers, we can still support our local flower shops. One of our favourite online florists, Bloom & Wild, made a bold statement this year with their Valentine’s Day campaign, saying that classic Red Roses just won’t cut it. Their campaign tag line ‘Love isn’t all red roses’ couldn’t be closer to the truth! Read more about our experience with Bloom & Wild here.


Plan your dream holiday

We’ve all missed it in the last 12 months. Booking holidays, planning weekend trips away, finding unique experiences to do in a city you’ve never visited before. But, not all is lost and we will see those days again, post-covid. So, instead of heading to the airport, why not spend the evening trawling through Instagram, travel blogs, and Skyscanner ready for when you can jet-off again? You’ll find yourselves getting excited about the future, and even reminiscing on the memories already made from past-excursions.

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